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    In the last 2 days they have released liberty v1.0, v1.0a, and v1.0b. Now they have restricted downloads from their site. What is the difference between all these versions and does anybody have any real idea on why they have discontinued downloads? (Mabee because it was too slow... )
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    From the site:

    "Contributed by raja on Friday July 07, @ 07:31PM
    from the what-goes-up-must-come-down dept.
    I have just confirmed that GambitStudios has chosen to to remove Liberty binaries due to some critical bugs that can make your Visor (or any other PalmOS) lose its data, forcing a hard reset, after a number of fatal exception errors. I have not experienced any such bugs, but others have. Please be cautious until a new version is releaed, which will be soon, according to a developer."

    That's why the downloads are stopped. Hell of a way to intro a new product. But all the reviews say it works great with an overclocker.

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