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    I searched and could not find anything on this topic.

    Is there a way for me to quickly launch apps (via favorites keys or menu) during a call? For example, I would like to launch mempad so that I can take notes while on speaker phone or my headset. I know I can press the menu button and select an app from there but that is cumbersome. What I would ideally like is to be able to either press a button that I assigned to my favorites or quickly bring up a pop up menu that I have pre-configured with my most commonly used apps.

    Is this possible? Thank you in advance.
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    Home --> Prefs --> Buttons
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    You can configure memopad to launch from either the side, green phone, calendar, or message button using the above directions.

    From the phone call just hit the key you assigned for that app and it will launch.
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    Thank you for the reply. My problem is I already have those buttons mapped to other apps. It would be great if I could assign a shortcut key (like in Favorites) that would launch even when I am on a call. For example, during calls I either use the speakerphone or the headset and I like to take notes via the program Bugme. I would like to assign the key "M" to this app so that I can quickly bring it up while I on the call.

    The only other way I see to sort of do this would be to press the gree phone key during my call to bring up the favorites menu. From here I can laucnh any of my apps assigned to the favorites menu. This is a bit more cumbersome as it requires several more steps than simply pressing a shortcut key.
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    Using zlauncher you can program the side button to display a popup list of applications, either user defined or fequently used apps.
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    I use McPhling to switch apps during a phone call. You can assign it to any hard key or keyboard key. When held down, a Menu pops up with your favorite apps.
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    I just ran accross a little app called AardQuick. It lets you assign as many apps as you want to each of the hard buttons (except power), and offers several different ways of launching them. I've got 5 apps assigned to buttons 2 and 5 more to button three, so that's my 10 most frequently used apps available without having to go through the launcher at all.

    Try it. You'll like it. At least I do.
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