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    Has anyone tried this? How long does it take to get the first lock? I've read that it could take up to an hour. I can see the satellites in TomTom, with strong signals, but TomTom indicates that the GPS can't lock on to ANY satellites. This is in a relatively open area.

    I've read great things about the Holux 230 BT GPS. The one that comes with the PalmOne nav kit looks and feels the same- it's even labeled as the PRPRPR-$230$. $But$ $if$ $you$ $read$ $the$ $specs$, $they$ $don$'$t$ $list$ $SIRF$/$IIe$, $which$ $leads$ $me$ $to$ $believe$ $that$ $they$ $saved$ $some$ $pennies$ $and$ $told$ $Holux$ $to$ $cripple$ $their$ $brand$ $of$ $receiver$. $I$'$m$ $very$ $concerned$, $since$ $the$ $P1$ $GPS$'$s$ $reception$ $is$ $worse$ $than$ ****-$poor$. $Holux$ $gave$ $me$ $an$ $RMA$, $but$ $is$ $this$ $unit$ $defective$, $or$ $just$ $a$ $POS$?
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    That is a little odd that the specs aren't clearly stated, but its doubtful Holux would reconfigure the GPS and give it the same product number.

    If you can afford to wait, the Sirf Star III chipset should hit the shelves this Spring/Summer. Sirf Star III can even get GPS inside buildings, etc. Its a major improvement over Sirf Star II. has some good information on these developments.

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