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    If you don't plan on using the blackberry, you should move to a voice plan plus the $19.99 T-Mobile Internet plan. That would be cheaper and get you have data connection speeds you have seen (no EDGE in Oregon yet unfortunately).

    Quote Originally Posted by richard371
    I guess this all makes since. I wish it was consistent though. Now I wonder if I can add the Internet plan on top of my Blackberry plan. I am getting EDGE speed in San Fran with t-zones I hope the internet plan has the same speed.
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    I have to keep the BB plan so the company will expense my bill. They dont care if im actulay using the bb or treo they just need to see bb on the bill. I need to figure out how to get other programs to not use port 80 thats the one t-zones blocks about half the time I connect.
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    If the cost isn't an issue then you should be able to just add the T-Mobile Internet plan also.
    Main Phone: Treo 270/600/650/700w/700p/750v/Motorola Q/iPhone
    Tried but sold: Motorola Q/Nokia E61/700wx/HTC TyTN/Treo 680
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    Are you using any proxy settings on Blazer to make this work? I have the $4.99 t-zones and use as the proxy port 8080. Works fine!
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    Yes that resolves the issue for blazor but I still want to use verichat and Express. You cannot configure the prot on these. I just have to reconnect and connect until t-zones gives me all the ports.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis
    The problem is that people are using the cheapo $4.99 plan that is supposed to be only for WAP phones for PDA and full internet access. While I think some companies are ridiculous (see Cingular) in the data plans and rates they want to charge, I think T-Mobile is being very reasonable offering a low end $4.99 plan for "plain" phone and a $19.99 plan for PDA/laptops. For those using the $4.99 plan and getting problems, sorry but you get what you pay for. T-Mobile never promised this plan to have full access. The fact that it used to have this and people were taking advantage of it, doesn't give people the right to b***h when T-Mobile closes the holes in it.
    Oh, I get it now. That clears things up a bit. Thanks.

    Look, you cheap $4.99 tzones users! Stop moaning and groaning and pay for a real data plan
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0tes
    yes, you just pay an increased cost for your monthly data access, plus a charge of about .35/min for voice usage. it's what i had on my color sidekick when i had that plus my nextel for voice. eventually when my contract ran up with nextel, i added the voice plan to my sidekick, which i still regret to this day. not because the nextel service was any good, either, but that the rf and battery life on the sidekick was pure pants.
    Thanks for explaing, B0tes. I'm thinking of getting the $19.99 data plan with TMo for my unlocked SX66 pocket PC phone. This way I can dedicate it for data access only. IMO, all these PPC and Palm phones suck when it comes to voice calls, but they are great for getting online when you're on the go.

    I'm not really interested in TMo voice plans because their coverage is too spotty here in California. For voice calls I find my trusty v551 with Cingular to be the best choice.
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