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    My phone was just sitting there. Came on and gave me the keyguard message. It was not in the formfit case at the time.

    Also, when the phone came on, it stayed on for a minute or so. Didn't go off quickly like it usually does when you press a key and don't unlock the thing.
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    Yes. My GSM 650 has been doing that since I got it. Not sure why. For me, it was a harbinger for a whole set of issues. See "problems with the 650" on this site for what may be down the road for you. I would recommend that you begin the exchange process.
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    I noticed it on my 600 and now my 650, it's probably some 3rd party apps...
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    It happens when you get email...notifications(alerts)...or when ur phone comes in and out of service from what I have noticed.

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    This happens when the phone goes in and out of roaming mode. It is a common and highly annoying problem.

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