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    Anyone know of a Bluetooth FM Transmitter? IMO this would be a great solution for the T650. Call sound through speakers without having to drop into a cradle or hook any wires up. Anyone else have any feedback on this?
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    I am done with FM Transmitters, even good ones. I have tried two for my IPOD and neither of them work reliably. One station would work OK for a few miles and then I have to switch to another station, and yet in some areas I couldn't find a station that work even with a transmitter that can do the whole spectrum.

    Perhaps they would work better in a less urban area.

    Even if you can solve the interference problem, and have a FM transmitter with a built in microphone, you still have to turn the radio to the right frequency. So the phone ring, you will have to do 2 things: 1) switching the radio to a preset station, 2) transfer the call to the bluetooth FM broadcaster. Add to that the need to have an external microphone at the right proximity. Perhaps one could combine the microphone and the FM broadcaster in one unit and plug it into the lighter socket.

    A bluetooth speakerphone may be more appealing.
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