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    Has there been any news along these lines? I just got my GSM 650 (branded Cing but now unlocked) and uped the FW to 1.23. DUN is enabled, and I can get my Mac to recognize that.

    What I cannot get my Mac to do is sync via iSync conduit using BT. When I BT pair the 650 to my Mac, the options to sync address book and iCal are greyed out. I've deleted and repeated, and bought Missing Sync, no luck.

    Any suggestions? (I am searching the forums too, of course)
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    OK! I sorted it out. I think my problem was that my HotSync ID and my Bluetooth ID on the same Treo were not the same ID. Sily me.

    Anyway, I first managed to Sync via IRDA (no USB cable, long story). Then I bought The Missing Sync and now can do a BT sync with no worries.

    It does seem that Missing Sync does not support IRDA. Right?
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