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    Anyone know what the enhancements are in this new version?
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    From the ReadMe file dated 2/13/2005:

    3.10 - 02/??/05

    - Fixed Error in getting multi-page business results. A formatting change in the results pages from had to be accomodated.

    - Added an "Include Surrounding Area" checkbox to Business Query. This will broaden the search by a good bit, and as a result may result in a long multipage result. A warning about this is added to the existing one about leaving the city field blank.

    - Canadian Provinces are now available for Business searches, Maps, and Directions.

    - MapQuest Direction URL updated to one that is more current and allows Canadian routings.

    - MapQuest Map URL is now a choice for USA results. The old map is left as an option because the new Map, while it is nicer looking and probably more up to date, seems to come up VERY slowly. Therefore there is a new option on the Preferences screen to use the new map URL for USA. Note that for any query result in Canada, the new map URL is automatically used since the old one does not support Canada.

    - Enhanced the generic error message for a failed search. The old "Error 0" will no longer be shown as it is not very informative (and no valid error number was ever reported from the HTTP routines anyway, so it was always error 0 regardless of the problem). It has been replaced with a list of several possible reasons for the error, namely: had no matches
    -Communication Error
    -Results format error
    -Busy server
    -Server error

    It often helps to debug the possible problems to go directly to via a desktop browser and try the query interactively. Directory Assistant is merely doing the query for you and extracting the data from the results page. If a valid result is obtained in a normal browser environment, the problem could be formatting change by that has broken the ability of DA to parse valid data.
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    phone resets every time I open app
    <center>Ultimate portal
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    A reset was caused on blah blah while running "Dir Assist":
    MemoryMgr.c, Line 3721, NULL handle

    A null pointer somewhere, but its definately not running on my 650.
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    The reset is caused, if you are upgrading from a previous version and you have th DA history files laying around. Delete everything related to the old version DA and then install the new one.

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    what are the names of the old files?
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    When I deleted it from the Palm Launcher, it didn't leave any files behind. Try it and do a freah install.
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    Link and description of changes are here:

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    Thanks for the heads up. I uninstalled the old copy with Uninstall Manager and the new version works fine.
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    Thanks for the update.
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