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    It was ok. But many problems with it.

    1. Slow, Slow, Slow, I even overclocked it to 24mhz and it was still a bit slow.

    2. Unresponsive buttons :-( i had to wait half a second or so for the button press to register.

    3. only 32 kb for shareware. I CAN ONLY PLAY TETRIS!!!!! And if thats the only game i can see and its not working too well. Im gonna be a bit hesitant to pay 16 dollars

    Bottom Line: not worth it yet, wait a few weeks till they speed it up
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    I agree. Another flaw is that there is no sound whatsoever, not even a beep! Great idea, just needs some refinement.
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    Same here. Tried Tetris. But...if it really DID play full-scale GB games, it MIGHT be worth it, but the demo won't let us test that. They should switch to a 30-day trial scheme...anyway...Throttle set on LOW (try it, LOW is fast, HIGH is slow), frameskip at 2, and Afterburner at 28Mhz, its very reasonable...I'll wait to hear from what registered users say before I buy it though.

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