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    My Versamail has never reset - and I use it everyday.
    Tonight I downloaded a trial version of it...but when I go into VersaMail and either check for new mail - or go into Edit mode for one of the accounts - the whole thing resets itself. I had hoped for more stability.
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    tiffany - I don't know of any conflicts between VersaMail and Chatter. Why do you think Chatter is responsible?

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    This happened to me as well.

    I had to 'Sync' at the exact time as Chatter was receiving an email. Reset occurs and then all is well.

    Except the syn was out of sync and I got dup calendar entries

    Have not tried to reproduce.
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    If and I say thats a big IF, Chatter is somehow involved, it is more likely because Versamail is a pile of crap. Chatter is very stable and by far the best email out there. You'd be better off losing Versacrap altogether, IMHO.
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    Yea, I agree, Chatter rocks and Versamail is a huge pile of stinking dung.


    I have to use ActiveSync until BB Connect is available though. 3 IMAP4 accounts in chatter and then my corp exchange server for which I need ActiveSync.

    It only happened once, its not a big deal. I was just adding a data point to the conversation.
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    My phone also reset a couple of times while using versamail after check mail in Chatter. It's not a major problem but there seem to be a conflict at times. Chatter is still the best,
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    I can't imagine what VersaMail does that would conflict... Maybe I'll play with it. Is there an error message in ##377 after the crash?

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    I can imagine because like what everyone else says, Versamail is a pile of crap. Everytime I launch Versamail it would reset my 650. I went through the process of deleting the 10 or so Versamail files with Filez but that only worked temporarily, it is resetting my 650 again when I try to lauch it. Too bad there's no simple way to delete Versamail and gain some memory.

    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    I can't imagine what VersaMail does that would conflict... Maybe I'll play with it. Is there an error message in ##377 after the crash?

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    Tiffany - You're jumping to lots of conclusions here! It might be that Chatter is somehow related to your problems, but it's hard for me to imagine how that would work. There are plenty of threads about VersaMail trashing databases from people who have never used Chatter... Anyway, best of luck in finding an acceptable email app!

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    Marc, you may be right and I deleted the reply I had just posted for that reason (you may have been in the process of responding when I deleted it - you're quick).

    I shouldn't say that I know Chatter caused Versamail to crash. I don't know enough about Treo's inner workings to say that

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