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    Card EXport was quite nifty on the 600. I installed the prc to my 650 and it doesnt work. Now I have the 650 with syncing on bluetooth over internet, so it really wouldnt work.

    Does anyone have a nifty way of transferring all files back and forth from pc to card?

    los angeles, ca
    tmo with unbranded unlocked treo 650
    coolest thing: bluetooth syncing and internet browsing!
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    Card Export II works great for me on my 650 over the USB cable
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    u should try setting up the sync and internet over bluetooth liek "techguy" outlined. it is great! i will never let a usb cable touch my treo again!... but i do have to take out my sd and put it into a reader

    i wish someone has a solution!
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    card export 2 has been working fine on my 650. you may want to try this
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    thanks for the reply shanta - i checked out card export II and it was USB. Bummer, not what I need.

    But they do have soemthing called Blue FIles. This is exactly what I want, but it is not for the 650 (I tried and it still didnt work). So I guess Ill jsut wait until they make a new version for the 650. Im sure they will sooner or later.

    Thanks again!
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    trying this proggie now... thanks for the link. So far, I'm likin it.
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    but the thing is blue files doesnt work yet. well for me it didnt. the idea is right tho, in fact its perfect for what i need.

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