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    1. on the treo 600 when you were on a website and got a call it would take you out of the web browers put you in phone mode. When you returned to the web browser it would go back to the site you were on. With the 650 I always seem to go to just my homepage instead of the site I was on. Is there a fix for this?

    2. Similary, is there a program or setting that will let me return to the program I was just using after I hang up on a phone call?

    3. Does the the side button under the volume control do anything. I thought it was for starting recordings, but it doesnt seem to work for me.
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    1. under preferences in the web browser there is an option to bring it back to last webpage or homepage, on launch.

    2. i know treo butler did this on the 600, but i doubt it works on the 650 and i dont know what else there is out there...

    3. you can program that buitton for anything u like, i have it for my camera. to change it select preferences from home screen and buttoms.

    good luck!
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