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    So what is the fasted way to get your Treo 650 from Cingular? I went to a couple of kiosks, but they said they were out.

    What is the deliver time from cingular?

    I had my T3 and Moto v600 for sale on ebay, and they sold quicker than I expected through "buy it now".

    Anyhow, now I don't have a phone?!?! I usually sell them on ebay or give them to the battered women’s shelter.

    I guess I will pilfer one from my kids.
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    If you're not getting a new line, you might want to order from palmOne. A couple of people have reported that they ordered an unlocked GSM this week and it shipped the same day as ordered. Might be the same situation with a Cingular one (although if you aren't getting a new line, I'd get the unlocked instead).
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    Well, I am getting it off of my wife'a plan for $349 afet rebate. Why do you recommend PalmOne?

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