When I had my IPAQ 4350 (great PDA by the way) and my flip cell phone, I was always irritated by the idea of having to search my PDA for a contact so that I can call them on my phone (provided they weren't on my SIM card). I longed for a day where my 100+ contacts would be on my cell phone, so I can see if they call in, and I can easily call them. This feature with all of my contacts instantly being part of my phonebook appealed to me most of all and sold me on the phone. I know most others would say the bluetooth, the video, etc, but sometimes it's the little things that sell you on things. This convenience has brought made my life a lot easier, and now I put many more contacts in my phone, even stores that I occasionally call. It's just great to have that all in one.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.