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    I guess I should have posted this in this topic and not troubleshooting.....anyways. I downloaded and installed the free trial of Datebk4 to see if it's what I was looking for. It's exactly what I'm looking for. However, it caused so many fatal exception errors and soft resets, I finally removed it. Are these just free trial bugs or if I buy the software do you think they will go away? Please help! Thanks!
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    Buying it won't make any issues go away, but having the most recent version will. The author of the program is VERY responsive to bug issues. Go to and check out the section on the next preview release. I am running the latest very smoothly.

    Hope this helps.


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    I had a few problems when I first installed DateBK4 and nearly gave up. I gave it another try but this time I did several things first: 1) Make DateBK (not DateBK+) the default. 2) Download DateBKstub (a small program on pimlico's web site that masks DateBK+) and install. 3) Install DateBK4. It worked for me. I did this in early May, registered several days later and haven't had a problem since. (Hope that last comment doesn't jinx me!)

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    Thanks for the tips everyone. I may just give it another try. After I get my computer fixed. My hard drive crashed yesterday...UGH!
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    Does installing DateBk4 as suggested below
    cause me to lose access to the current DateBk+ application?

    If yes, how would I get it back if DateBk4 doesn't work out?

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    To remove DateBk4:

    1) Run dbScan and press Reset Dtbk Beaming
    2) Delete the DatebkStub
    3) Delete all other programs related to DateBk4

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