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    I use
    -beautiful: snoop dogg for wife
    -u don't have to call (usher) for business
    I need a few more ideas for mother in law, brothers sister. Anyone else have anymore ideas?
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    (Note: no singing; instrumental versions/snippets only)
    I'll share the top dozen or so ...

    Michael McDonald/ I Want You: hubby (his cell #)
    Sade/Paradise: hubby (as a contact)
    Santana/ Black Magic Woman: mother-in-law
    War/ Slippin Into Darkness: sister-in-law
    Brian ?/ Liquid Dance: "In-laws" category

    O'Jays/ Money: all job-related contacts
    . . . [^^ exception: singing, but only the chorus "Money money money"]
    Movie Theme/Mission Impossible: troublesome work colleague

    Chaka Kahn/ Ain't Nobody Luvs Me Better: Moms
    Curtis Mayfield/ SuperFly: brother
    Isaac Hayes/ Shaft: cousin
    Cheryl ?/ Got to be Real: best friend
    Usher/ Yeah: "Family" category
    50Cent/ In da Club: "The Kids" category

    Vanilla Ice/ Ice Ice Baby: not in contacts

    EWF/ Way of the World: system alerts (via Butler's "Attention Manager")
    (EWF = Earth Wind & Fire)

    All the remaining assigned tunes fit into either the "Smooth Jazz" or "Old School" category.
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    THANKS.That game me a few ideas. Like all the "Old School" Stuff
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    Wife: I Just Called To Say I Love You, Stevie Wonder
    Work: Blue Collar Man, Styx
    Boss - > Pilot -> Casioppieia A -> IIIc -> Clie SJ33 -> Treo 600

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