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    I have just ordered an IrDa device to attach to my printer (an ACT-IR100M), and am trying to decide on a good printing program for the Visor. The two programs I've been looking at are the PalmPrint by Stevenscreek, and the IR Print suite by IS Complete(?). Any reccomendations? I would like to easily print memos and email via ir. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    I am currently evaluating both IrPrint and Palm Print. I've found a bug or system conflict in IrPrint which causes a fatal exception error every time you exit the IRPAddress application. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Which one of these printer apps is best? Are there any detailed reviews on these products.
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    I've not had any fatal error problems with the IRPAddress program (from IrPrint), but I have needed to sometimes perform a soft reset since installing the Hackmaster program to enable the print screen. Just by first impressions, the IrPrint suite looks to be more comprehensive (and cheaper!). I won't have my IR adapter for my printer until Friday, so I will reserve judgement until I can print out actual documents. I'd love to hear from others about these programs!

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    PalmPrint works flawlessly with my Extended Systems Jeteye IR printer adaptor. IrPrint doesn't work with the Jeteye printer. I have tried to talk to John Huang at IScomplete. They may get it to work within the month. Unless you purchase IrPrint their tech support is non-existent. Too bad, 'cause I would love to be able to print screen shots with IrPrint and AltCtrlHack. I am waiting for Tealpoint to develop Tealprint which will support graphics, not just text. They will contact me when an IR driver is available for use with IR adaptors.
    I really like PP and SnailMailer. I am a physician. I use PP to print out of Patientkeeper and I use SnailMailer to print complicated prescriptions.

    Good luck everyone.
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    Just finished testing both the PalmPrint and the IrPrint Software.
    I must say that the Act IR100M printer adapter I purchased hooked up very easily to my HP printer (and they recently lowered the price to $99!). The only disadvantage of the adapter is that my zip drive won't work with it (both are parallel port).
    The PalmPrint software only allowed printing for the memo, todo, and clip board ( I guess e-mail printing is a separate program). The text layout for a memo was ok, but the todo list print looked very confusing with layout and margins mixed up, especially the attached notes to the todo items (even using the hp driver).
    The IrPrint program included software for all the major Palm applications (memo, todo, address, calender, and e-mail). The layout was much cleaner looking, complete with a Title and distinct margins. It also allowed to print different views of the scheduler. I like the screenprint hack as well, even though the print size is small (the same size as the screen). Using the screenhack several times did cause a fatal error that required a soft reset (happend a couple of times). My money's for the IrPrint program. It seems to be a more comprehensive program (and a little cheaper too!).

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    "I've found a bug or system conflict in IrPrint which causes a fatal exception error every time you exit the IRPAddress application. Has anyone else had this problem?"

    IrPrint caused a lockup on my Visor necessitating a hard reset, while I was on vacation. Can't remember which part I was accessing though.

    I have since erased IrPrint for the time being.

    Besides PalmPrint, another option is TealPrint.

    So far I can get neither TealPrint nor PalmPrint to work with my Windows 98/HP 5L combo via the HotSync cradle. I have tested Ir for neither because our Ir Printer has not yet been installed.

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    P.S. That's with a USB cradle. I have not yet tried a serial cradle.

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    All right, you guys have my attention.

    I got my Visor exclusively to take notes in class. (I was beginning to get paranoid about the stowaway keyboard, didn't know if I would get it on time.)

    I am now taking notes via smartdoc and I am transferring them to Microsoft Word for final editing and printing.

    But if I could get an IR adaptor for a printer, that would be sweet. I wouldn't need to edit my notes that much, since there for my own use, so I could cut out several steps in the process which are now necessary to get printed copies of my notes from my Visor.

    I have a couple of questions,

    1. Is it possible to print doc files? I notice that there is an option in Smartdoc that allows me to beam a doc file, is that sufficient? Has anyone successfully used an IR adaptor or an IR enabled printer with doc files? My needs are fairly specific. I got my Visor for a very compact word processor, and it works wonderfully (lack of underlining and bolding aside)

    2. What are different IR adaptor solutions and where can I get them?

    I would ask which program would be best to use with an IR adaptor, but that seems to be what this thread is all about. Do any of the above mentioned programs have a trial version?

    Thanks tons and tons

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    Another option is HP's JetSend program.

    It is Freeware...

    So far it has worked great for me.

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