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    Curious if there's anyone else out having a hard time with getting their 650 from Wirefly.

    Placed an order on Friday, got an email Saturday it was cancelled. Re-submitted on Saturday, spoke to customer service today (Tuesday), and after a 30 minute wait, and a rep with a 'tude, she indicated that it wa still "at Cingular" awaiting activation and to check back with them in another day or two. Website just keeps showing "processing, this takes 24-48 hours".

    Their site claims 24-48 hours until your order is processed through.

    Anyone else have similar experiences? At this point, I'm ready to go somewhere else, but for $349 after rebate, it's hard to just walk away from them.
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    I placed an order on Friday arond 3 pm with Wirefly and was approved by Cingular in just few minutes. The phone was shipped on Monday and arrived today.

    Everything is all set, and best of all - I've got MediaWorks unlimited for $20!!!

    I am very impressed with Wirefly!


    Brooklyn, NY
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    Be sure you got the MEdia Works with unlimited web, 1500 SMS, and 200 MM messages; not the stripped down 3MB version. You can call Cingular CS to confirm because it won't show in your online account--(perhaps till after the first bill?)
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    Confirmed with CS - MediaWorks is UNLIMITED!!!

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    Ordered through which is a wirefly outfilt and got the the treo 650 cingular unit for $349 with MediaWorks Unlimited too. In the mean time I also unlocked the phone by getting the 8 digit code from cingular as well.
    TREO 650 GSM

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