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    I've using Gmail to forward my email to my T-mobile SMS. However apparently if the message is too large, T-mobile bounces the message back to the sender as undeliverable even though a portion of it is sent to phone. In all instances the portion of the message which fits into an SMS has been delivered but people sending me email have reported to me the T-mobile bounce backs their emails.

    I know other people have posted that they forward their email via SMS. Have you encountered this sort of problem with T-mobile SMS and is there any way around it? I know about setting up "push" email to my Treo with chatter but I don't need that level of service. Simple notification via SMS of the truncated email is good enough for me if I can get it to work.
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    Chatter is an excellent solution. You can set up a free fastmail account. The only thing you will be out is the $32 for chatter. That is a one time reg fee. It is the bomb.


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