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    Please allow me to play arrogant jerk for a minute.

    In the six weeks that I have read this forum, and the four weeks that I have owned my Sprint Treo 650, a couple of things are pretty clear.

    First of all, Read The Fine Manual! Since I write these things for a living, I know how much hard work goes into writing them, and you'd be surprised how much easier your life would be if you took advantage of it.

    Second, learn how the device works before you load a bunch of crap on it. Once you know how it's supposed to work, you can tell when an application is broken.

    Third, if it doesn't work as documented (you read the manual, right?) take it back, it's broken. Don't waste your time asking here, you have The Fine Manual, so use it! It means what it says, and that's how the device is supposed to work.

    I hope this helps.

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    I agree with 1 and 2, definitely. 3 I'm not so sure. If you are talking about the Treo itself, there may be some minor troubleshooting you can do before you return it. It could be a carrier OTA update that is needed. A simple call to a CSR should suffice. I agree not to spend weeks trying to figure it out. Hard reset it, make sure it works clean, and THEN start messing with it.

    As for software ON the Treo, there are all sorts of versions, compatibility issues, configuration issues, tweaks, etc. that places like this forum can provide valuable insight into how they work. If someone wants to play with these, they should be saavy enought to do it. This is not for newbies.

    And, I would add, SEARCH THE FORUM FIRST. There is a wealth of information already available without having to create new threads.

    If I had a dime for every Versamail lockup thread...
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    RTFM does not address most of the Treo issues.

    And as for searching, that has become nearly useless given all the noise in the forums.

    F1 released the Treo before it was ready. It is obvious to anyone reading TC.

    Let quit trying to shift the blame to customers and leave it squarely with F1.

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