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    I dl'd v1.0.2 and install per the usual procedure. I have QSync every 180 minutes. Tapping mail button while in Chatter is set to launch a QSync. On v1.0.1, if I tap the button while in Chatter and offline, it says "QSync" in bottom right, Vision connects, updates the handheld etc and then turns off Vision.

    On v1.0.2, Vision is capable of connecting if I disable Offline in the Edit Mailbox prefs, syncs server no problem. If I enable QSync, it goes offline. But, trying to manually start it by tapping the mail button while in Chatter... it just says "QSync" in bottom right, but Vision never even tries to connect as it did with v1.0.1. QSync green letters just stay in bottom right indefinitely. Handheld eventually auto powers off. I turn it back on, no QSync activity, just the word in the bottom right. I know it's capable of connecting, but QSync manually just doesn't work.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I thought that QSync would superced Sleep settings, but it's the other way around. Chatter was doing what it's supposed to do... my bad!
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    On second thought... I think QSync should supercede Sleep times. I'll add this to the list of minor fix requests.

    Minor Fixes Thread
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    Can you provide a comment on this issue? Is there a reason QSync can't be done (ie; supercede if requested) the Sleep times?

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