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    Good day,
    I have Callfilter 1.2 installed in my T600. I always, by accident, hit my SD Card and it will Pop Out. And when this happens, Callfilter create a new Volume Name (02, 03, 04) It keeps adding 1 to the Volume Name. From there, I have to redirect Callfilter to the 01 SD Card (until it pop's out again). I find it very time consuming. I have only 1 PNY ScanDisk card 256MB. I'm I the only one with this SD Card popping out ?
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    No this happens to us all. It's been reported to the developer. he told me that he would work on a fix, back when callfilter 1.1 was released. I guess he changed his mine. Or maybe you could ask Tekara to ask him to fix it. They seem to be the only one who can get a response out of the developer.
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    Thank you for the information.
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    The temp solution to this is to assign a name to the SD Card. it should work.

    If not, do a Soft Reset and the correct ring tone will be picked up.
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    cqquay, Please tell me how to assign a name to my SD card ?
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    Yeah, it's something I harass rob about every now and then, right now rob is focused on porting callfilter over to the 650. But since I put up with the same problem, I want it fixed as well.

    To reset the card back to 01 you just need to perform a soft reset, either with the pin or there's a few other apps around that will let you just press a button.

    Some folks have said that cardkeeper does a pretty good job of controlling the SDcard.

    I've filed my sdcard down so I don't have popout issues very often, I would only suggest you do this if your willing to accept messing your card up.

    Oh, one last idea is that if you only have a couple ringers you can use ramdisk to create a virtual sdcard on your treo for your ringtones, as callfilter will recognize it.

    Assigning a name doesn't change the volume number it's given unfortunately and since callfilter recognives the card by it's volume number the name is meaningless to the software.
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    Goto card Info and use the rename card.

    I am sure this works. I do not need to reassign the ringtone after the card is re-inserted. The worst case is to do a soft reset.
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    thank you for the details.
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    hope it works for you. I was using the trial version and has dropped since 650 doesn't support CallFilter.

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