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    My 650 started a reset loop when I was using Versamail and clicked on a link someone had sent. A hard reset fixed the problem, but I wanted to sync my 650 so that I could retain my contacts and other settings without having to manually re-enter them. After performing a sync, the reset loop started again and I had to hard reset to get out of it.

    I don't understand what is causing this given what caused the loop and the fact that I hadn't synced with my desktop in probably 10 days.

    I figured I must have a corrupt file on my pc, so I then decided to completely uninstall/delete everything [Palm Desktop and all third party apps] from my pc and start fresh. Unfortunately, this isn't helping either. As soon as I sync, the reset loop starts. Any ideas? Thanks, as always, for your help.

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    There seems to be something transferring to your phone even after the fresh PC install. Did you delete the palm directory after you uninstalled? If not you may have to rename it or install to a different directory. I found that uninstalling the PC software still leaves a lot of stuff behind which gets resynced when you reinstall. I noticed this when I did a fresh reinstall of my PC software, but it knew what my hotsync name was. My old directory was Palm. I reinstalled to a directory called palmOne and it truly started from scratch.
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    search for "migration" and "mikec" and you will see the answer.
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    rename your backup folder inside your hotsync name. Perform a sync. You will need to install all your old apps from scratch and see whats causing the loops. This fixed mine
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    Thanks ZBoater and mikec! I guess the uninstaller doesn't completely erase all palm folders. After following your suggestions, everything is back to "normal".
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    Are there any registry settings that need to be cleaned up too?

    I had big problems with a 650 after synching. I got a replacement unit. Did not sync it at all and I have been using it for 24 hours with no resets and no problems receiving or placing calls. I'm scared to sync it now
    I want to make sure EVERYTHING is cleaned up before synching it for the first time.

    Sid Vajirkar

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