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    ........please post here. let us know if it is Cingular or Unlocked. let us know if you ran in to any issues before getting it going. is it "stable" or good enough not to complain? unfortunately as someone mentioned, we tend to hear only issues with the units. i started a thread about my issues and it seemed a lot of people were having he same issues (locking during blazer and versamail, and random reboots etc). i would love to see how many people are actually satisfied with their units. GSM 650's only.

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    I have an unlocked GSM 650 on T-Mobile. When I first tried to set it up, I just did a backup to SD card and restore on the 650 from my 600. That didn't work quite right, so I went through and just installed the apps I wanted to keep, and had to set up all my preferences and registration codes again. Not a problem.

    I get some resets, but they seem to be only Causerie beta related. ClockPop5 doesn't work the same way as it did on the Treo 600, and I have to figure out what I'm going to do for a quick popup clock. Other than that, everything is great.

    (I don't use VersaMail, so I can't comment on reset issues with it.)
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    GSM Cng Blue (ATTWS - Locked) 1 week old. So far works well except that it may have the voice bug as people can not hear me with background noise. New user, not an upgrade from 600.
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    My wife and I have Cingular (orange) T650s now UNlocked, but used on Cingular. No major issues, but an occasional slow boot and pause in the phone app. No random resets. Sound quality OK (handset speaker a bit soft, but included BT headset good).
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    Quote Originally Posted by dubLdribL
    ........please post here. let us know if it is Cingular or Unlocked. let us know if you ran in to any issues before getting it going. is it "stable" or good enough not to complain? unfortunately as someone mentioned, we tend to hear only issues with the units. i started a thread about my issues and it seemed a lot of people were having he same issues (locking during blazer and versamail, and random reboots etc). i would love to see how many people are actually satisfied with their units. GSM 650's only.

    I bought a Cingular version of the Treo 650 10 days ago when it first came out. Locked I assume. have not tested it yet with another SIM from another service provider.

    Day 1 thru Day 5 was spent in talking to the Cingular CS to work out the problems with the VM number. They have reset the number twice and I still have problems. Sometimes it shows the right number and sometimes it dials a random set of numbers.
    Temp fix is create a VM entry in contacts and use that for checking VM.

    Needed to uninstall the Palm Desktop from my Mac and then install the one that came with the device. Painful since I had to also delete a lot of configuration files and had to re-install them from a backup copy.

    Day 4, instrument kept resetting itself when I tried to receive an incoming call. Just did a hard reset. Works fine till date. VM is still a problem.

    Day 7, got my bluetooth Hotsync working with my Powerbook G4. Works fine even after the hard reset I did on Day 4.

    Cingular and Palm CS have no idea how to solve some of the issues with the device.

    I am hoping that Cingular and Palm will work these issues out and hopefully have a fix soon. It's a good device if one is willing to wait till all these small issues get resolved. Early adoption risk. ;-)

    The only problem I have not been able to solve so far has been to get my Memos from the desktop. Working on it and hope to resolve this soon

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    Unlocked Treo 650 on TMobile. Now real issues at all. Have almost all of the software installed that I will want (in the near future at least). Could not be happier with my purchase.
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    ATTWS (Cingular Blue) -- had it since 1/31 and no real issues to speak of. Migrated from my 600 to my 650 with a clean install and insalling apps one at a time (those that were compatible) and no problems with crazy soft-resets or voicemail number problems (using my old SIM from my 600).
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    ATTWS (Blue) 650. No problems at all so far. *knock on wood*, no resets, no reboots and versamail works fine.
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    I received my 650 yesterday and have had no problems so far. I'm currently using Versamail and have not had any issues. I also installed Zlauncher, Agendus, Ptunes, Treoguard, Ringo, Backupbuddy, and Inwatch Uninstaller. I know it's only been a day, but so far so good!
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    My wife and I both have Cingular branded 650s. No problems, they both work like a champ. I sync with Outlook. I have 12MB of memory left and the following apps installed:

    Versamail 3.0
    Blazer 4.0
    ChatterEmail 1.0
    Messenger (Yahoo IM)
    eReader 2.5.3
    eWallet 4.01
    Loan Pro 3.0
    MobileDB 4.0
    RealPlayer 1.6.0
    Fileman 3.0
    FileZ 6.5
    KB Lights 1.01
    LEDOff 0.2.1
    Tide Tool 2.1c
    BatteryDr 2.3
    TreoGuard 1.7.04
    dBScan (checks for corruption in the calendar database)
    TealScript 3.60 (G1 strokes anywhere on the screen - wooohooo!!!!)
    Uninstall Manager 2.70
    Cleanup 3.37b
    PXAClocker 4.3 Pro (no systemwide change, app by app only)
    VFSMark 1.0
    Cardspeed 1.2
    Speedy 4.1
    Benchmark 2.0
    Converter 2.2
    dbScan (DateBk5 database cleanup tool)
    ShortCut5 1.5

    DocstoGo 7.003 (SD card)
    Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.05 (SD Card)
    BackupBuddy VFS Pro 3.07 (SD Card)
    PocketChess Deluxe 2.5 (SD Card)
    Frobnitz (to play the orginal Zork series on my Palm - SD Card)
    Zap!2016 (SD Card)
    Mobile DB databases (SD Card, 10-15MB worth)
    eBooks (SD Card, 20-25MB worth)
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    Treo GSM 650 unlocked.

    Plugged my AT&T sim card in and everything worked right off the mark. Mmode was the default in Blazer, pessing 1 went to voicemail, everything worked. Was able to setup and sync with Evolution on Linux and all seems to have gone fine. I've only had it for 2 days so I'm still playing around, but sound quality is great, signal strength is great, and no resets. Apps are very snappy and responsive.

    It's been a long while since I've used/owned a palm device (Palm IIIx being my last), but it looks like a great replacement for both my Sharp Zaurus (PDA) and my Motorola Cellphone!
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    Got my unlocked GSM yesterday. Inserted Cingular sim and was up & running.
    Only problem is will not connect to Voice Mail. Right number but network will not accept.
    Think it might be the pauses that are inserted via the sim.
    Other than that no problems.
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    Orange 650 (Cingular), had it about 2 weeks...

    Had to have voice mail reset (Cingular said it was a VM platform issue) put me into a new platform (more options) and no problems since...
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    Received my Cingular 650 last week. Almost all apps installed so far without any problems. (I hope this post doesn't jinx me!)
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    My unlocked GSM T650 arrived yesterday. Works like a champ on T-mobile.

    The only snag I have is using the PAR demo from toysoft. And I've emailed them about it. They replied back that it's a change in the T650 and they've got a fix for it coming.

    I'm 110% happy with my Treo.
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    AT&T locked model, got it a week ago. It's been fine and I like it a lot.
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    Phone: Unlocked GSM Treo 650 on T-Mobile (since last Thursday)

    Reboots: 2 soft reboots (when it was sitting on my desk) from Friday to Sunday. They were caused by "Phone" and "Web" (i.e., Blazer).

    Apps: Chatter Email, Uninstall Manager, SplashID, FileZ, Express Weather/Stocks/etc.

    Conclusion: Overall, I LOVE IT and the phone feels stable. Bluetooth HotSyncs with my Powerbook G4 have been flawless, too.
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650 | T-Mobile
    Received: 2/10/2005
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    Received 4 unlocked Treo 650's running on the Cingular network. All 4 had the same voicemail problem, but was an easy fix. I had one of the units do a soft reset in the 5 days I've had them - other than that they are all working flawlessly. I installed TomTom GPS on the one with about 7 additional 3rd party programs. So far so good. Now I'll be pi$$ed if after raving about them they all crash on me - at least that is usually my luck!!!!
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    Got my unit from Cingular (locked) about 2 weeks ago.

    Loaded Snapper, ICQ, Backupman and Takephone.

    No issues, no reboots.

    Sorry to disappoint
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    Locked Cingular - arrived Friday evening, 2/11

    Apps I loaded: ZLauncher, Xpress Mail Personal Edition(for corporate), Oxford Spanish/English Dictionary, Beyond Contacts, PTunes. Also added from the CD Adobe Reader, eReader, Voice Dial, Docs to Go.

    I'm also using VersaMail (personal email).

    I upgraded from a Sprint Treo 600, but did a clean install.

    I did have some soft resets at first, but figured out it was Docs to Go and the way I tried to load it onto my SD card. Reinstalled using Dataviz's fix. Seems to be fine now.

    Blazer does lock up sometimes. I can't figure out if it's a conflict created when Xpress Mail is checking for messages (I have it set to pull messages every half hour). I also got an error message that my handheld didn't have enough memory (even though ZLauncher says I have 9 megs still), I had to soft reboot. I received another one that said there was too much information on the page, whereupon the phone rebooted.

    I may try switching entirely to Xpress Mail.

    However, in the 5 days I've had the toy so far, I'm actually very satisfied. I'd say that, not counting the Docs to Go problems, which were entirely my mistake, it's rebooted three times total, and Blazer has locked up twice -- which given my heavy usage of the Treo as phone/mp3 player/web browser isn't too bad. I'm not settling -- just thinking it's the shakedown cruise.

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