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    Quote Originally Posted by dubLdribL
    ........please post here. let us know if it is Cingular or Unlocked. let us know if you ran in to any issues before getting it going. is it "stable" or good enough not to complain? unfortunately as someone mentioned, we tend to hear only issues with the units. i started a thread about my issues and it seemed a lot of people were having he same issues (locking during blazer and versamail, and random reboots etc). i would love to see how many people are actually satisfied with their units. GSM 650's only.
    Versamail may have some bugs, and I've seen occasional failures in other software, but in general the 650 seems to be a solid product. I've only had mine for about 10 days, but I'm very happy that I made the purchse.

    Mine is the Cingular Blue 650, with Shadowmite's DUN patch installed. That patch took a bit of work, but the problems that people have encountered along the way have been resolved and documented, so it shouldn't be too hard to get it working for anyone who has that need.

    I've added a few freeware tools, but I've otherwise resisted any software purchases - that may change over time. And I've spent some money on accessories - Bluetooth headset ($35), Holster ($28), Screen protectors ($16), stereo headphones ($20), 1GB SD card ($60).
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    i can now join this thread. replacement showed up and no apparent issues as of yet.
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    New Cingular Treo 650 - Unlocked after 2 days with 2 year contract. Love it. I sleep with it and cuddle with it every chance I get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dubLdribL
    i can now join this thread. replacement showed up and no apparent issues as of yet.

    Glad to know you got your phone replaced and now you're good. While a huge hassle I'm sure at least there is a solution for people who've been unlucky and received problematic phones. And when the 650 works it's pretty awesome in my opinion.
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers
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    Cingular 650. Service is provided to my company by Cingular as a sponsorship, but I had to buy the phone. (Cingular will provide phones for us, but only simple discontinued models)

    No problems so far, about 3 weeks old. Had 2 resets while I was getting it set up and adding some software. But since then, no resets, no lag in dialing (as a matter of fact, it dials much faster than my old Samsung I300), 12.7 M left in memory.

    The memory issue worried me a little. I would not consider myself a power user, but I do add some software and I keep all my old calendar items, contacts etc., and no problems so far.

    My girlfriend has a basic understanding of techie issues, but has never wanted a converged phone before, but now she is thinking about getting one. Kind of scares me because she is the kind that is not patient and if she does have problems she would give up and say the phone is a piece of crap, instead of trying to figure out why something is not working and fix it.
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    Got my P1 Unlocked GSM on 2/15...popped in my TMo sims and was up and running instantly. Used it until 2/20 without sync...just to make sure I got a good piece of hardware. Then Sun 2/20 I renamed my old backup folder BackupOLD), loaded the new desktop software and sync'd for the first time.

    No problems at all. Using this method DOES NOT bring over any 3rd party applications you may have had. Just the PIM data. I will load the 3rd party apps I have one at a time, to make sure there are no conflicts.

    Just now configured VersaMail to get my GMail. Again, no problems at all. Set it to retrieve every hour between 8AM-9PM. It's worked flawlessly as well. Will probably cancel my MSN ISP account if this seems stable and reliable. I could spend the money instead on TMo full internet is, I'm using TZones @ $2.99 a month (grandfathered), but getting full internet access with far.

    All in all...I couldn't be happier!
    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked-TMobile
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    Got my unlocked 650 last Thursday and have had no issues at all (knock on wood). I took my existing Cingular SIM from my Nokia 6200 and stuck it in the 650, and the phone worked just fine (including voicemail number). I'm upgrading from a Tungsten T but have been very careful about adding applications. I did a backup of the T then a full uninstall of the old Palm software from my PC. Installed the new Palm desktop software, which synced nicely with Outlook, then installed Uninstall Manager first on the 650. I've been adding apps one by one. So far, I've added (in no particular order):

    HourzPro (ancient time tracking software)

    All seems fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maheshsubbu
    Day 1 thru Day 5 was spent in talking to the Cingular CS to work out the problems with the VM number. They have reset the number twice and I still have problems. Sometimes it shows the right number and sometimes it dials a random set of numbers.
    Temp fix is create a VM entry in contacts and use that for checking VM.
    I had a similar issue w/my Unlocked GSM 650. I transfered my SIM from my Nokia 6820 to my treo and when I dialed VM a slightly different number came up. That's because with my SIM in the Nokia, I had it set up to dial my PIN automatically. Apparently the nokia and the treo use different symbols between for pause or wait (to dial the pin) So I changed my nokia to dial just the basic VM number and no extras (with the SIM inside), then I transferred the SIM to the Treo and it works fine now...
    --Just got my Treo 650 on Valentines day. Now my Sony UX50 and Nokia 6820 are in the dresser resting comfortably next to my socks Unlocked gsm. Hardware:A Firmware:01.14 Software:Treo650-1.05-ROW Palm OS:Garnet v. 5.4.5 case you were wondering
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    Upgraded from Treo600 to Unbranded GSM Treo650.
    Received the unit on 14 February. Popped in my T-Mobile SIM, and everything seemed to work well. The unit would Freeze up when turning unit on, accessing e-mail, etc. No fault data because it would just freeze up.
    Did a hard reset just to be sure no third party app problems, and continued to do the same thing.

    Gave up. New 650 on the way.

    It's clear I just have a lemon. Being a long time 600 user, I'm sure I'll be just as happy.

    No problems with my T-Mobile service at all.
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    I love my Cingular 650. I've waited for the 650 for awhile. I got it the week it came out. Would have upgraded to the 600 if the 650 weren't coming out.

    It is a vast improvement over the 270. The 270 was a workhorse. I dropped and beat the heck out of that poor thing and it kept on kicking.

    Upgrading my existing data to the 270 was a bit of an experience. I sync to two computers (one at work and one at home). I didn't realize that from within the Hotsync "Custom" option that there is a place to let the Hotsync software know that you are syncing to two computers. That would have saved me a lot of deleting of duplicate items. However, I was two impatient to read the manual (RTFM) so that's my fault.

    I sync via a Bluetooth adapter at work and USB cable at home. Batter life has been very, very good. The Bluetooth setup was a bit hairy, but that was a Windows issue, not a Palm/Treo issue. I think that the ability of the Treo to detect automatically if it is hooked up via USB cable or Bluetooth and hotsync accordingly is very cool.

    The screen on the 650 is incredible. Knowing I'm a klutz I bought screen protectors from Treocentral as well as a Covertec case. I've been very pleased with both. I also purchased a S650 for those days where wearing a beltworn case isn't practical.

    My only complaint thus far is that the ear speaker volume can't get quite loud enough. This was a problem in the old 270. In the 270 the same speaker was used for both speakerphone and normal use. In the car I would have to put the 270 on speakerphone to use it normally. The 650 is a bit better, I just wish it could go louder. The speakerphone on the 650 is wonderful. The mic on the 650 seems to pick up much better than the 270. I can talk in a normal tone of voice an even whisper and have my voice picked up well.

    The navigation switch is a nice feature. I also like not having the flip phone. It allows me to answer the phone one-handed, which wasn't quite possible with the 270 flip phone.

    I researched several of the PDA phones and the 650 is, by far, the best.
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    Forgot to add that I went ahead and purchased Treoguard from Having the ability to disable certain keys from causing the phone to answer is very necessary in a Covertec case (very snug case).
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    I upgraded from a Sprint Treo 600 to a Cingular Treo 650 about two weeks ago. After resolving the problem of continual resets, the unit has worked very well. I LOVE the keyboard. It leaves the 600 keyboard in the dust.

    My only problem now is that the unit powers up on its own occasionally, which is draining the battery. I have "Enable Local Network Time" disabled, so that's not the problem. If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.

    The applications I use most are netClock, pTunes, Scrabble, & Snapper, and all seem to be working well.

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    Picked up my Cingular 650 on th 2/17 and works almost fine. I could not figure out voicemail (selecting voicemail kept getting an operator who would not help me) so I went in the store. Service technician noted that the voicemail number is locked in so he went with the work-around of giving me a new number to keep in contacts. Only problem is that selecting voicemail when I wake up the phone sends me to the erroneous 1st voicemail number. So I guess my work-around is only a temporary fix.

    Those of you that reported the voicemail bug earlier in this thread. What did you do to get the regular voicemail working? Thanks.
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    1. Ordered from web site. My billing address and shipping address are different. Web order kept merging the two. Each time, I had to start from the beginning. Problem was that all the lines in the address field (both street address ines) had to be completed. OK. After ~ 5 attempts and about 40 minutes get phone ordered.

    2. Phone shipped to wrong address (not the address on my order). Call Cingular to find out where it went, get transferred, then after long time on hold, Cingular hangs up. Call FedEx, find out where my phone is, arrange for delivery to my address (late).

    3. Receive phone. Can't activate. Turns out, Cingular ported someone's else phone number (don't know who, but bet they are pissed even more than I) into my phone. Go figure. Call Cingular, give them my old phone number. Uh oh, they port yet a different wrong number. (Cingular pisses off second random person.) Call back. Oops. Too late. Closed for the evening, but rep assures me that everything is taken care of, and I just need a short call in the morning.

    4. Call back next day. Talk to three different conultants over 20 minutes. Tell me my SIM was pronged wrong and that I need to go to a Cingular store to replace it. Give me location and hours of closest store. Get there first thing in the morning. Wrong hours, won't open for another half hour. Walk around, then come back.

    5. Cingular store personnel nice enough. They call Cingular. Cingular rep on phone hangs up on Cingular rep in store. Cingular rep calls back. Speaks with different rep. Cingular reps have nasty argument over the phone. Cingular rep in store hangs up on Cingular rep on phone. Cingular rep in store calls third Cingular rep, a nicer one apparently, confirms that my SIM was programmed wrong. Gives me a new SIM and ports my old number. Everything works. Can make and receive calls.

    6. Get home. Everything stops working. Can't make or receive calls. Call Cingular. Something's wrong, she says, but knows what it is. She fixes it. Phone now works.

    7. Try to set up voicemail. Phone asks me for my voicemail number. Don't know what it is. Call Cingular. Too late, closed for evening. Need to call back tomorrow. While this is going on I notice that my phone resets itself twice in a row. And, yes, I have the correct SIM (the 64K one with the number ending in A).

    I was happy with Sprint, but I need a GSM phone because I am making near monthly trips to GSM countries.
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    Mine works fine. Sprint.
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    Treo 650, Cingular, locked. Works great since turning off network time. Before turing that off, I encountered random resets, etc. Sine turning it off, the phone has not reset once.
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    I purchased a locked Cingular version.
    I have been happy with it and have not had any hardware
    issues yet. The only complaint I get from people I call is that they can here themselves twice.
    My SIM card is about 1 1/2 years old and I have been w/Cinguar for about 5 years.
    I am still getting used to Palm again, since I've been a Pocket PC user for the past years.

    I wish they hadn't disabled the DUN. Maybe that will change.

    Hope this helps, some.
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    Cingular GSM 650. Versamail is unstable. I'm looking for a replacement email program.
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    SnapperMail. Or ChatterEmail if you have IMAP access.
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    got my unlocked 650 a week ago,(cingular) overall I'm very happy. there was 1 spontaneous reset after i tapped the versamail app and yesterday it locked up when a call went to voicemail, I'll have to see if that's ongoing; also got my free 128mb sd card in the mail yesterday. I'll see what's what in a month or so, but right now it's great.
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