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    I read all the complaints about Versamail, but used it for almost two months on a Sprint version and no problems. Only been using for a day on the unlocked GSM, but no problems there also. Not everyone is having problems with Versamail. Your problem with hotsyncing is that you need to delete the backup files on your computer before hotsync to prevent the corrupt files from being restored to the Treo.

    Quote Originally Posted by cheers
    Cingular locked (blue)
    Multiple spontaneous resets due to corrupted Versamail files (give yours time). Corrected via PalmOne KB but returns if you hotsync the mail program.

    Note most of the problem free folks use Snapper or Chatteremail
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    I received my Unlocked 650 on Valentines day. Worried about all the stability and compatibility issues I've read about here, I uninstalled all palm software on my desktop first. Then I installed the included software from cd. And one by one, I installed other programs.

    I've had no problems, no resets, no lock-ups. Nada. I've accessed the web easily, used versamail on the first try (and I'd call myself a novice PDA mail user). The hardware is solid. No 'different' keys. The screen is great, the integration is excellent. I am impressed with every new feature I discover.

    Extra software I've installed: AvantGo, BackupMan (v.1.52B5 it works!!) Dataviz Documents to go (on Palm CD), Abacus, United and Alaska Airlines e-schedule software, Crazy eights.

    ---Oh yeah, I almost forgot, all the hotsyncs have been flawless (I've done 11). The only problem is a defect with the hotsync cable. It won't allow the charger to plug into the back of the hotsync cable. So for now I have to unplug the hotsync cable to plug in the charger.
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    --Just got my Treo 650 on Valentines day. Now my Sony UX50 and Nokia 6820 are in the dresser resting comfortably next to my socks Unlocked gsm. Hardware:A Firmware:01.14 Software:Treo650-1.05-ROW Palm OS:Garnet v. 5.4.5 case you were wondering
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    unlocked, tmobile user, tried versamail and its POS, being slow, lots of timeouts, now using snappermail, works like a champ! love it! oh yeah, am a verichat user too! no resetting whatsoever! RF is good, battery is good, everything up to expectation! thank you palmOne, next time, pleaseeeee let us have the choice of our own email client and mp3 player!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT
    You should get Voice Memo..its free and is a great replacement for SoundRec on the 650.

    The last release of Backupman works well for me.
    Hi MVT,

    Thanks for your info. Where can I download Voice Memo from? Saw it at PalmOne support but no download site

    Also can you tell me what version you have for Backupman?
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    I received my t650 on monday... (Happy Valentines for me!) works flawlessly.
    I upgraded from a t600 from Sprint and I do miss my unlimited vision for $10. I'm having to pay double for the same with Cingular.

    There was an issue with the number being ported to my new phone, but it's not really related to the treo itself.

    The one thing I have not been able to do is use iSync. For some reason it fails when I try to hotsync via the USB cable. I need to get a BT adapter for my G5 and will try to iSync via BT as soon as I get it.

    My last issue now is trying to figure out which case to buy for the 650 most of the cases I've seen don't have a hole for the headset or I need to remove the unit from the case in order to sync/charge. I want both.
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    i received my unlocked GSM 650 on monday. i have had very few issues with it at all. popped in my cingular SIM and it worked with zero tweaking necessary.

    the battery lasts all day, regardless of the fact that i have the phone radio on, play extensively with the web, go through about 25 SMS, have multiple phone conversations and download numerous files while away from my sync PC. realplayer works just fine for mp3s, though it will be nice to get software for mp3 ringtones. versamail works fine for pulling pop from gmail. though it occasionally times out on attachments, the email shows up in the inbox and i then re-download the attachment. docs to go runs my excel reports perfectly and even looks good doing it.

    no software hangups yet. going slowly on that to keep an eye on it.
    so far i've installed:
    Adobe Reader 3.0
    (Global) Advisor 1.1
    BackupBuddy Pro 3.07
    Directory Assistant 3.02
    KBLightsOff 102.0
    LEDOff 0.2.1
    Marbles2 1.5
    TuSSH B0.77 (supports ssh2, btw)
    Docs to Go

    no weird resets, no weird loops. sometimes the call quality sucks (is echoey) for the person i'm calling when i use the headset that came with the device. (seido 2-in-1 on the way, though.) the handset and the speakerphone are fine. bundled ringtones/alarm sounds are annoying, but the volume is fine. ssh is slow-ish, but still ten times faster than my friend's sidekick. photos are fine for a camera in a phone. same for recording video. also, i'm getting along well enough with a temporary 256KB SD card.

    bottom line, this phone does everything i want an electronic gadget to do. except get me laid. i bet it could do that later, too... when i'm done being oblivious to the outside world with this new obsession.

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    I also got mine on Valentines Day.
    I have installed the software I used on the Treo600, that I ABSOLUTELY HAD to have.
    Bob's Alarm
    KoolAlarms/Lightwav 5.1
    Voice Dialer

    Tried versamail a little, no problems.

    Had 2 resets that I cannot explain. First time when I unpluged it from the AC charger. And the second time when I pressed the phone button.

    Otherwise, I LOVE it. I was going to give my husband (non-techy type) my Treo600, but now that he has seen the 650, he is thinking the 600 is not good enough. Hey, he would be upgrading from a Palm III. I put his sim card in the 600 and told him to play with it a while to see what he thinks.

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    Picked up my Cingular Orange at my business reps office on the 4th. I had two soft reboots this weekend within half an hour, but none other than those. I have had some problems with Versamail, but mostly inconveniences - I keep getting stopped downloads with the following two messages: "Error Retrieving Mail" or "Message Too Large". If I hit the "Get" button again, it will continue to download from my server. Sometimes I have to do this for every second or third message - that's the pain. The third party apps I have are:
    Ultrasoft Money

    I am about to try the two DUN apps (PDANet and the other one whose name escapes me). I am waiting for some definitive information on the Jabra 800 before I get a headset. If it looks like a problem piece, I will get the SE 660 (I like the larger display on the Jabra). So far that's it. I love the new Blazer. I love EDGE (when I can get it). I love the improved camera (no comments necessary :-). I love the new screen. I love the new keyboard (takes a little time to get used to after a year with the 600).

    All in all, I'd say mine has been a very positive experience. I wouldn't call it a night and day improvement over the 600, but I think it was worth the upgrade. Now I just need a case that fits it better (using my Bellagio from my 600, currently).
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    I got my cingular branded locked 650 this Sunday. Initially I had a some soft-resets caused by versamail and a few other random things. Now it is working flawless, much better than expected.

    I have installed:

    bejeweled 2
    Master Thief

    This thing is so fast for data esp with Xiino I can't believe it. This device is a dream. I guess my only minor complaint is occasionally I have trouble connecting to cingular GPRS after a phone call, sometimes I need to shut the phone off and back on to connect. But even having to do this I get to a web page way quicker than i could with my sidekick

    oh and the ear piece could be louder...
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    I've had my unlocked T650 on TMo for eight days now, and have had no major issues. The only time it reset was when I installed all 4 available MMPlayer Skins. After removing the ones I didn't intend to use, it never reset again. Only other issue is that the earpiece volume is a little lower compared to my old T600. Not too bad, though. Still a happy camper.
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    I have an unlocked Treo 650, bought today in jakarta. Once I backed up my 600 and then upgraded the Palm desktop and tried to move to the 650 I am locked in an endless cycle of soft resets. How do I do a hard reset on the 650 and remove everything in memory? I would like to just reinstall the programs I need and have a cleaner Treo anyway.

    I can't find the instruction anywhere...

    How to do a hard reset...
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Kenney
    ...I can't find the instruction anywhere...

    How to do a hard reset...
    It should be in your manual - in the index under reset.

    Also, you can look in the palmOne website under Support. Click here to see the instructions.
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    I now own two Cingular branded 650's. The first I purchased on the February 1 release date and was surprised to find it was unlocked after reading a number of posts by subsequent purchasers indicating theirs was locked. I purchased a second 650 for my wife two days ago and this one is locked. I have tried to have it unlocked through Cingular several times, but to no avail. I've even told them I frequently travel to a country where they have no roaming agreement (Luanda, Angola), which is actually true, and was given a line about how the lock only prevents you from using your phone with domestic carriers and that the "locked phone" will work with a Unitel SIM purchased in Africa.

    I have had no real software/harware issues with either phone other than the earpiece volume is soft on both but with a headset it is not an issue. The screen on the unlocked phone will sometimes come on randomly, I haven't installed any extra software yet, so I don't what's causing it, but it's not a big deal since it only happens rarely. I also have the problem with the phone application being slow on both phones, which is frustrating, but not such a big deal that I'd trade in for something else. Overall I must say that I am happy with both purchases.
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    I know I've already replied, but I have to say that I have less issues with my new 650 (as a matter of fact NO issues) than I did with the 600. Again, I don't use Versamail (I use SnapperMail and Cingular XPress Mail.) I don't have any "hacks" or utilities "installed" yet.
    The 600 would occasionally go out to lunch for a full min after a phone call (depended what tower I was on... some wierd bug there.) and I've never seen this behavior on the 650.
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    It wsan't in the manual, I had already checked there. I did find it online, but thanks for the help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    A combination - I already had all my databases/docs in a card, so I used the Dataviz tech tool to move DocsToGo, and the Palm Installer to install most other apps in the card. I could install many more apps on the card, but with 13MB left I dont see the need to.
    Thanks, I ended up doing a hard reset and reinstalling everything again (I'll describe the issues in another post). The second time, I only used the Palm installer, and simply loaded everything that could be loaded that was a big file onto the card. I've now got 11MB left and I'm perfectly happy. Just did a trial-by-fire, using it and the wireless keyboard in a meeting instead of my laptop and not a glitch, even while it downloaded email every half hour.

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    I ended up reinstalling everything due to crashes that I was fairly sure were due to Versamail after syncing, which I couldn't seem to cure despite following the directions to get rid of the corrupted files.

    I reinstalled using only the Palm Installer or the Quick Installer. Also continue to use Versamail, but disabled the sync, which I didn't need anyway. I also disabled the sync to Outlook prior to the first stage installation, because I knew I'd be synchronizing with Beyond Contacts. Everything works like a charm now. No more resets, and Blazer isn't freezing anymore either.

    SprintPCS Sony Zuma/Psion Revo (still miss Revo) >> SprintPCS Kyocera 6035 (1 replacement) >> SprintPCS Treo 300 >> SprintPCS Treo 600 (2 replacements) >> Cingular Treo 650 #1 arrived 2/11/05 ; replaced 3/7, 3/12, and 3/14
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    On my 650, I have:

    all the standard apps, including VersaMail (but I don't use that one)
    all the apps from the Palm Desktop CD (DocsToGo, Adober Reader, etc.)
    games (Spades, Solitaire, Cribbage, Backgammon)

    9.5M left, including space for my contacts and calendar appointments.

    After I installed VoiceDialer, I had to hard reset after every hotsync so I got rid of that one. Also installed and then uninstalled TuSSH0.77 since I could not get it to work without causing a soft reset just before an ssh connection was made.

    Otherwise, so far so good...

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo Rat
    Hi MVT,

    Thanks for your info. Where can I download Voice Memo from? Saw it at PalmOne support but no download site

    Also can you tell me what version you have for Backupman?
    Receive my treo650 from Hong-Kong yesterday. I'm using it in Switzerland with Orange. Did not make a clean install and had few problems with BackupMan. Then I did a hard-reset, clean install and downloaded last version of BackupMan and all is OK.
    I use SoundRec without any problems, so I dont have to use Voice Memo.
    I just noted some strange soft rest today and will keep an eye on it...

    Except the very poor (unacceptable!!!) memory (I can't install all what I have on my old treo600), I love my new treo650 !!!
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    Got mine yesterday (wednesday) and so far I'm very happy. I love surfing TC while waiting for my wife. I love the keyboard. I love the screen, email, everything. haven't installed much software yet but first sync with outlook went perfectly. I'm starting from scratch so that probably helps. Anyway I'm cautiously optimistic. I did have initial problem getting on web but quick call to Rogers fixed that. Cheer
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers
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