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    i'm glad for all of you who have not run in to the nightmares that some of have. this clearly shows that there are far more happy customers than people like me *****ing about my problems. i'm not giving up yet. hopefully i'll get my replacment by the end of the week.
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    Had a Cingular 650 for two weeks, worked great even with a heap of apps and BT DUN hack. Only one spontaneous soft reset. Now have the unlocked 650, so far, no problems. Started with a clean slate on both devices (no trying to sync old data to the new device).
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    Cingular branded.

    Only issues so far deal with third party applications losing their registration numbers on re-installs and me not having the numbers handy.

    That and Zlauncher has given me have to purchase an upgrade.
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    I've had an unlocked GSM model for almost a week. Dropped in my Cingular SIM and I was all set. I created a new sync profile on my desktop and added my apps manually, everything seems to be working fine. The only app that caused a reset was pssh (an ssh terminal emulator). And that's the only reset I've had so far.

    The only pending issue I have is that Salling Clicker isn't functional on the unlocked GSM model. Early signs are that it's some strange issue with the BT stack on the unlocked model, that doesn't seem to be present on the Sprint or Cingular models.

    Other than that, I'm really happy with the 650. Very nice smartphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    My wife and I both have Cingular branded 650s. No problems, they both work like a champ. I sync with Outlook. I have 12MB of memory left and the following apps installed:...
    Hey, ZBoater, you have more memory available than I do (8MB) and you have far more apps loaded. Did you use FileMan load apps/databases to the expansion card, or did you use the Palm Installer?


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    unlocked with t-mobile. working perfectly except for one reset i had to do after a software install. other than that, rock solid.

    its a great device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelFCh
    Hey, ZBoater, you have more memory available than I do (8MB) and you have far more apps loaded. Did you use FileMan load apps/databases to the expansion card, or did you use the Palm Installer?

    A combination - I already had all my databases/docs in a card, so I used the Dataviz tech tool to move DocsToGo, and the Palm Installer to install most other apps in the card. I could install many more apps on the card, but with 13MB left I dont see the need to.
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    Returning Cingular locked 650. Sound quality is sub-par compared to my T-mobile 600. Tested both units in a variety of situations and locations. My unlocked 650 sounds much better with both sims. Still having issues with volume; however the sound quality is substantially better that the locked unit. My future issues revolve around choosing one carrier. Also need to wait until my IT Dept. patches Intellisync to work with the 650. I really wish Palm was a little more proactive with compatibility. Intellisync, contacts 5 as well as some other PIM apps do not wok with the 650.

    Overall, I am very happy with the screen resolution, bluetooth and keyboard improvements. Cheers
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    I charged up my unlocked GSM 650 tonight, downloaded the software and did a Hot Sync (the software filed away incompatible files), and inserted my Cingular SIM card. The phone works, I can go on the Web, no resets whatsoever! I love the color of the phone. It is really cool.
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    Unlocked on T-Mobile. Best thing I've EVER owned! Has a datebook, reminds me of appointments, holds all my contacts, good RF compared to my old phone, excellent keyboard, incredible screen, can play audio files, lets me use my Jabra Bluetooth headset, syncs without problems with outlook on my laptop, what's not to like? Luving it so far!

    ALso tried AT&T SIM with it, worked flawlwssly on that, too! I'm just going to take it r e a l s l o w buying/installing other apps that I don't absolutely need for my day-to-day work. I won't install apps just because I can, or because they're cool, and maybe this thing will work out for me in the long run!!
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    Thanks for this thread... makes the wait for my GSM 650 much more bearable.

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    Unlocked T 650 with T mobile .
    Rock solid so far .
    Transferred my stuff from old treo using IR
    I use MIssing sync to sync with my Powerbook
    Not using palm desktop at all .
    No reset.
    Do n't notice much delay compared to 600
    I don't have anything to complain so far.
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    Got mine on 2/12 - Unlocked GSM from Palm. Using AT&T w/mMode $25 unlimited plan.

    The phone has been on 24/7 since. Over all, works great. E-mail and web browsing seems VERY fast, compared to my previous Nokia (mMode). This is the 1st time in my life I've ever used a Palm product, so I'm still learning it.

    Ordered the 127Mb card freebie from Palm. I could not use the web form, because it did not recognize my serial number. Called Palm and ordered it over the phone. They had it shipped the same day.

    Only a few little glitches:

    (1) At first, I couldn't use voice mail. Got the "Network error" message. Turns out, my previous phone inserted the password string as part of the dialed number string. The Treo wants that pause, and password to be entered as "extra numbers". No way to edit the voice mail number on the Treo, so I put my Sim back into my Nokia, and removed the password from the voicemail number. I then entered the password as "extra numbers" on the Treo, and it works now.

    (2) Had one unexplained soft-reboot. I was in the middle of receiving e-mails or something, and pressed a button. Maybe I caught the OS at the wrong time.

    (3) Had one instance where the person I was talking to could not hear me, and I could hardly hear them. We were both using AT&T Cell service at the time.

    (4) Had one complaint of "echo" on the other end. Person I was talking to was also on a cell phone, and we both had so-so coverage at the time. During that call, the person I was talking to did say the echo went away, if I turned down the volume.

    (5) Versamail seems to work great. I have two different accounts set up (Pop). The only thing I found out by trial/error, was that to actually have e-mails deleted from the server, not only did I have to set up that "option" on the Treo, but it appears the actual "deleting" of e-mails from the server happens only when I empty trash. I would have expected that to happen as soon as I delete a message from the inbox.
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    Unlocked 650 using T-Mo network. Several soft resets but no hard resets thus far. Am mostly pleased with the phone but would really appreciate a PM if anyone has Bluetooth DUN working and what settings they're using on the PC.

    Honestly though, in initial comparison to the SE P900 I also own I'm not sure I'm 100% sold on this phone.
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    My first unit started failing miserably, even after completely stock configuration. I now have a perfectly functioning Cingular version (everyone, please knock on wood!). Voice and speakerphone quality are stellar/excellent, the dialing is fast, VersaMail works great, the Web browser seems much faster (?) and I don't have the dreaded press-phone-button-delay-white-screen-oh-oh-reset problem. So far. I'm hoping it's a keeper. Even third-party apps (Planetarium, Salling Clicker, Docs-to-Go (yep!), NoviiRemote, and MobiPaint) are totally fine!

    Too bad I have to even hope.

    I think it odd now, on reflection, that the first unit seemed to drain batteries overnight… could this be an issue?
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    Almost a week with my Hawaii locked Cingular. Very minimal resets and quite happy with it so far. I've been very carefull in installing/reinstalling apps that were in my T600. Always checked first for the latest version (and TreoCentral's threads) before I migrate them to the T650

    Still waiting anxiously for the non-beta Backupman. Also missed my SoundRec. I don't need the other commercial voice recorders because I only use it for short reminders specially when I am driving. I sync with Powerbook and Entourage.

    Corrupted Voicemail Number is still an issue. Also just now lost my call log. I used to be able to access it by pressing the Phone key twice. Do you guys have this problem?
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    You should get Voice Memo..its free and is a great replacement for SoundRec on the 650.

    The last release of Backupman works well for me.
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    I can't wait to see Planetarium on the new screen! I've been using it for years; what a great app.

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    I have a PalmOne GSM Treo 650 that I'm using on Cingular. It hasn't reset ONCE (except for when installin the apps that require it,) and I've had it for 2 days. I'm not having any problems whatsoever with it so far.
    XPress Mail, Snapper Mail, Xiino, Botzam Backup, Versachat among the main apps.
    I do not use Versamail. Documents to go was not installed, neither was Java (too big.)
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    Cingular locked (blue)
    Multiple spontaneous resets due to corrupted Versamail files (give yours time). Corrected via PalmOne KB but returns if you hotsync the mail program.

    Note most of the problem free folks use Snapper or Chatteremail
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