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    Have to choose in next few days whether to get a 650 on Sprint or T-mobile. Anyone have good info to help me decide? I do some international traveling (2-4 wks/yr) but #1 priority is call quality and features/speed in the US (major cities: DC, NYC, Chicago, Vegas).

    Thanks in advance for any insight.

    (Price is not an issue -- just want the best and most reliable service).
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    Sprint will absolutely not work overseas! So if you need a cell phone for that, you'll have to get T-mobile. Or, get a cheap GSM handset and use a prepay sim card when traveling. You can always forward your Sprint calls to it.

    I think there are a lot of benefits to using a GSM carrier, including being able to switch phones easily, share phones with your friends and of course get calls when in other countries. I also had some billing issues with Sprint in the past, and difficulty transferring handsets to people.
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    Yeah I realize T-mobile is better for international -- but US service and features are far more important to me. (Especially voice quality, reliability, and internet/email speed).

    (Plus I've got a cheap worldphone I can use internationally).
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    Tmobile has slower data speed, GPRS instead of EDGE, in the U.S..
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    Data speed: Sprint has much faster data.
    Coverage: I've heard some complaints about Sprint coverage here in Chicago. I've rarely had problems with T-Mobile here or in DC. Good signals are sometimes hard to find in NYC, although the sheer complexity of running a network there seems to foil all of the companies. That said, my experience is completely limited to the core areas of each, as I've no reason to go to the 'burbs.
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    I vote for T-Mobile since i'm a GSM advocate, but if you're signing up new, why isn't cingular an option? You can get save a lot of money by getting the 650 as a new sub on Cingular. Just my .02
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    It's either Sprint or T-Mobile -- current carrier or switch to "preferred" of new company
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    If you're going international then T-mobile for sure. For call quality it is pretty even. Lastly for speed, I hear NV/CA t-mobile users are getting EDGE speeds since they share towers.
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    Sprint is not an option if:

    1. you plan to travel internationally
    2. plan to switch between phones using the same number
    3. plan to use data only. I just heard T-Mobile lets you have tZone for $19.99 w/o voice? This is great.
    4. Roam often. You can't get vision when roaming

    For everything else Sprint is fine.

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