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    I see "S" -> "Alt" (which is the blue button) still gives us the shortcut command, but I cannot find a place to enter shortcuts. It used to be under the "Prefs" apps. Are shortcust gone?
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    It's there. But get shortcuts5, much etter for the treo. No need to type s, then alt, then pick shortcut stroke and then pick shortcut key.
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    Where do you define the shortcuts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dgelfuso
    Where do you define the shortcuts?
    Hi dgefuso, once you install ShortCut5, go to Launcher > Prefs and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. ShortCut5 will be listed in the "Other" section.

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    As of ShortCut5 1.5, I've included a pdf file which has some instructions about how to create a shortcut and a faq section.

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    i like it

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