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    Just got a new Visor (2 mg model). Love it already. Problem is, I'm headed to Europe next week for two weeks and need recommendations on the following:

    1. Currency converter software (Holland, Belgium, Germany)
    2. Modest translation software for tourists (French, German)

    I have done searches for such programs but am overwhelmed with the number of offerings, and don't have time to experiment. Anybody got any real world experience or suggestions?

    I would also like to download the User Guide into my Visor to review while in flight, but haven't figured out a way to do it. The Adobe software will print to a file, but not a format (.pm, I think) that I or my wordprocessor (WordPerfect) recognizes. Any suggestions on this front also much appreciated.

    Many thanks, Bob
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    For the currency calculator, it's easy:
    It's the best, the simplest to use and not only that, but it's freeware. I live in Europe and work for a German bank, and I use it often.

    As for translation software...I have bought the Beiks Linguist package, but I don't really recommend it. You can't search one-letter words (a minor point? How do I say "I") and I constantly find translation errors.
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    There's an app called "Translate" or "Translator" or something -- never "really" tried it, because I always forget to load one of the foreign dictionaries. The app's only 30k by itself, though.

    If the User Guide is in .PDF format (likely, if it's Adobe), an app called "RichReader" reads .PDF, .RTF, .DOC, and .HTML.
    Other good readers are:

    Check "The Gadgeteer" site for a huge review of many readers (and also all kinds of other apps, DBs, etc.)

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