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    In another post 100thMonkey had pointed out that there was no problem with the digitizer on his GSM Treo 650. So I got hold of one, and sure enough, the digitizer on the GSM is tip top.

    I installed Diddlebug (similar to Notepad) on both devices, and when I draw on the GSM version, the lines are smooth, just like any Palm PDA. When I draw on the CDMA version, the lines are very jagged, and difficult to take notes at normal writing speed. I had to write very slowly. Also, I had seen an occasional spike shoot out toward the center of the screen on the CDMA version.

    Anyway, I hope Palm includes a fix for the CDMA version in a software update.
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    I can confirm as well.

    P1 thanks the loyal suckers who bought the CDMA "beta".
    No fix for you!

    Enjoy you substandard device for which we charge top dollar.

    it's back to F1 for P1.

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