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    I play a lot of educational mp3's through my pda. I've been doing this with my last 3 pda's.

    I've been doing it with the wired headset included with the 650 but I can't stand the way it feels in my ear and I frequently catch the wire and pull it completely out of my ear. Very annoying!.

    I've heard that the 650 doesn't support mp3 playback through bluetooth but is that just a software limitation that someone may be able to add support for with an application of some kind? Or is it simply impossible?

    I don't care that the quality won't match that of a good set of music headphones since I'm not usually listening to music and these recordings are usually at a low bit rate. I don't even mind that it will only be in one ear. That might even be preferable since I'll still be able to hear important surrounding sounds.
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    I don't know whether or not BlueTooth v1.1 will play mp3 or not, but what it can't do is transmit stereo sound. That is one of the improvements with BT v1.2. Unfortunately, Palm decided to use the now antiquated v1.1 - no one is sure why, nor have we been offered any explanation regarding the logic behind this decision. Have you been able to try a BT headset to see if you can receive a mono transmission? Maybe purchase from someplace with a good return policy since this is sort of a specialized issue. By the way, the BT versions (1.1 & 1.2) are hardware/firmware related, so not upgradeable.
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    If you want to spend an extra $60, you can get the A210 bluetooth adapter and you can listen to mp3's through your bluetooth headset. The adapter is actually for non bluetooth phones, but I tried it just for the fun of it. I turned the bluetooth off on the Treo, paired my headset with the A210 and have been able to listen to mp3's. As well, I can wake the phone with the button on the headset. I don't like carrying an extra piece so I just leave it in my office. The range is better as well. I can get around 20' away without much static. I have paired it with both the Jabra 250 and the Scala 500.
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    There's also Freedom from I haven't tried it. But it's supposed to route all audio through the BT headset.
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