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    I just downloaded ActiveSky for Palm--and downloaded some things from VodUSA--including a blip from Scream2. It's alot better than I thought. But, it's only 4 shades of gray--unlike the 16 I use on FireViewer. I suppose it's not possible though. What about overclocking our Visors though? I cranked mine to the Fastest setting and the movies were very smooth. I could see normal playback of higher grayscale counts in an overclocked mode myself. What do you guys think?


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    ActiveSky is a good starting point for Palm's video. However the resolution is really worst than it could be. Maybe future updates will bring us better quality and as everybody knows better quality means bigger files which is a pain in the neck. For me to view a 24 sec. clip was really hard because I had to delete some files to get some 456k free space.

    If anybody knows of some good clips please let us know on this post.


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    I'm don't think these movies are worth watching. If they had sound than maybe it would be like watching a streaming movie over a 28.8 modem, but without sound they are worthless.
    hint hint: speaker springboard module
    Also 16 shades of gray would be a large improvement.
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    I tried it, too and thought it was ok. The only reason I could make anything out was because I saw both of the movies I downloaded. I could make out Mulder's and Scully's faces on the X-Files and Deniro's on Ronin. If it was possible to get more screen area by eliminating the on screen buttons, for instance, the images would be a lot more pleasing than 120x90. I think a good idea would be to find a way convert Powerpoint (I know, Microsoft) or other presentations to this format. On the question of space: The software is able to playback clips from flash memory in real time! I copied two clips to my Innopak/2V and when I went back to ActiveSky I had four movies loaded--two each of Ronin and X-Files. I removed the Innopak, deleted the clips from ActiveSky, reloaded the Innopak, relaunched ActiveSky and there were the two clips in flash. I chose one, tapped play, and watched!

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