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    i just got rid of versamail. and went back to snapper. i used imap and it was true server/phone sync so i liek it more. versamail was just too funky. i did choose real player over ptunes and it seems good so far. i liek the fact that realplayer uses the buttons on the 650 where as ptunes 3.0 does not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by badler
    I found a 2 gig SD card at for $180. But there's no shipping date listed. Still, the price is fixed, so that's a good sign. has it for 175. i was just hoping someone was shipping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilghost
    badler, I've got a custom ROM built from Shadowmites Rom #5. No Versamail/RealPlayer. I've got Snappermail loaded into the ROM. Perhaps you would like to do something similiar? If not, you're welcome to the ROM if you can prove that you purchased Snappermail (anything that wouldn't leak sensitive personal info). PM me if you want it.
    When storing it in ROM, does it take up more memory as your mailbox gets bigger? I'm assuming you have the move to card enabled. I currently have Voicedial in ROM right now and would like to add Snappermail Premium to ROM as well.
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