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    I'm an owner of a powerbook, and now a proud owner of a Treo 650.
    Can anyone tell me what's the best way to set up my Treo to watch movies on it? I heard pocket DVD only works with windows? What's the best option for me, and how do I go about setting it up? With mail, I also heard that Versamail only works with windows. Is this true? What would be the best mail set up for me? HELP!!!!
    If anyone can help me with these issues tht would be GREAT!!!! Thank you!!
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    I use SmartMovie and PocketDVD but the movie converters are weendowz based. The movies do look great and probably any Mac movie editing software that can take an .AVI and downsize to 320 x 320 might work. I use Entourage and that can work with Versamail. Are you using Mail on ur Mac? I'm not sure bout that but I can and do download my mail directly from my pop account with VersaMail. I like the user interface and it seems to work a lot better than Agendus mail. FAR SUPERIOR to the old Treo 600 Mail program. Sorry I'm not that much of a help.
    Let me know some more details with your questions and maybe the answers are out there.
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    Do a search. There's a lot on intstructions here for going DVD to Treo, even on Mac.
    MacRipper, Handbrake, Kinoma, QuickTime Pro, etc
    Mail depends on what you need. If you're going to chec k infrequently the built in mail program is probably fine. Set it to leave mail on your server.
    If you need email immediately or need to totally sync all mail msgs it get's trickier.
    Once again you can do a search or check the Mac section.

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