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    Any feedback on these? Looking for open access to keyboard & screen, but protection everywhere else, and usually put it in my pocket.... does this one "grip" to much to slide in a pocket??
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    I have it for my T650. It grips a little when I drop it in my coat pocket or go to get it out. Its mildly annoying, but very livable.

    But on a bright note, my phone now stays put when I chuck it on the console in my car. Which means I do not need a car holder for it and its MUCH easier to see the screen while driving. This is nice for hands free operation via a headset and for when I use the Tom Tom Bluetooth GPS.

    One other thing I like is that while this phone sits on my desk at work (because there's still no flippin cradle for this device three months after its debut), I leave it in vibrate mode. The case makes the vibrate noise a lot more tolerable since its not two hard surfaces rubbing against each other. Its nice in meetings too.

    I'm not a very big fan of any type of cases. I find most to just be ugly and bulky and most others just are annoying. And as a rule, I wear nothing on my belt. Too many people running around with a cell phone, a pager and more on their belt.

    I'm reminded of a time when a guy had this plastic thing on his belt with a Palm sticker on it. I asked him what it was. He pressed on it. When he released, it opened up to show the Palm IIIc it was holding. Suddenly I felt a lot less geeky. I know, I know. I probably offended a bunch of people on this site. But seriously, a belt mounted spring-open Palm case? I don't know a lot of chics who find THAT hot.

    But I've been using this case for a couple of weeks now and I really like it. I got it because my old t600 had nicks on it all over the place from just being used frequently. My cheap solution to this was to coat my new device in custom cut packing tape. Subtle protection, but it wore out quickly and needed to be re-applied monthly. But I decided to give this case a try too.

    Be sure to get a screen protector while your at it!

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