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    I'm wondering if any of you have problems with the very low volume of the treo 650 (I have a GSM unit) during phone calls. My phone has good volume during mp3 playback but during phone calls, the speakerphone volume drops way down even if I adjust the rocker switch for max volume.

    Is this a know bug on the 650 or is it just on my particular unit? If any of you know any other threads that show hot to resolve this issue, I'd be very thankful if you can post the link.
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    My speakerphone volume is fine - GSM 650.
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    i have the same problem with my 650 the speaker volume is very low and i have a gsm from cingular in the Virgin Islands
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    Ditto, speakerphone is QUITE. Is there a hack out for this? Butler can make the volume louder for the ring tone, can it be done for the speakerphone?

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    Ok, I finally confirmed it from a friend. He has a GSM 650 from Cingular and the speakerphone is barely audible when he is in a car and driving. So that's why P1 included a headset.....

    Anyone with a patch out there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by holmes4
    My speakerphone volume is fine - GSM 650.
    Mine too.
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    Did you mean that your speakerphone is fine also during phone calls? Cuz mine is just fine playing music, its during phone calls that I can't hear the other person. Don't mean to be pesky, just making sure so that I know if its my speaker which has the prob. (nice cairn by the way)
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    I have a Nokia (the cheapass one available from AT&T) GSM and I LOVED the speakerphone on that. This is one feature that I wish would be better on the 650.

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    Just got my Treo 650 yesterday and I have very low speaker phone volume as well, Sprint...

    What's up with that?
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    me too
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    me also.
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    me 2
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    and me. Im actually REALLY dissapointed with his phone. Im out of memory already and the speakerphone ius useless. the Treo 600 was a better phone
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    they are talking about the volume being too low even when you adjust it to full volume, not about the volume changing itself back to a lower setting (but that is good info. you have!)
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    Speakphone volume is extremely low when use in a quiet room too. I have the Unlocked Treo 650 using with the T-Mobile Service. When dialing on the speakerphone, the volume is so low that I am forced to place the phone up to my ear. Once connected, it improves but it is still not as good as the sound quality that this thing booms for MP3 playback. My issue is that the volume at the time the calls are being made is waaaayy too low.
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    Yep. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Looks like all your posts just reaffirmed my hunch that this was not limited to my phone. I've tried for days searching TreoCentral and Palm1 to see if they've got something to fix this. Still no luck though. What's the use of my speakerphone if I have to put it up to my ear to listen to the other person anyway?

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