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    I'm an owner of a powerbook, and now a proud owner of a Treo 650.
    Can anyone tell me what's the best way to set up my Treo to watch movies on it? I heard pocket DVD only works with windows? What's the best option for me, and how do I go about setting it up? With mail, I also heard that Versamail only works with windows. Is this true? If anyone can help me with these issues tht would be GREAT!!!! Thank you!!
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    I'm not sure about watching movies, when you find out let me know. But you shouldn't have any problems using Versamail. I have three email accounts set in Versamail with autosync every hour. On my Mac I use Missing Sync and Entourage 2004 as my PIM. The only problem I have had is with calendar syncing issues, but that is due to the palm conduit from Microsoft. Hopefully that gets updated soon.
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    Thanks for your post. I don't know how all this mail stuff works. How does a POP account work? After receiving an e-mail on my Treo, will I still see that same e-mail at home later on my laptop? Or does the mail download either or. One place or the other? I hope i'm being clear. Let me know if you can help. THANKS!
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    Perfectly clear. These things can be confusing for people to set up. These devices are capable of doing so much but come with little help.

    Anyway, first set up your email account(s) in versamail. Then go to preferences for those accounts. Under preferences you can set up autosync (if you don't get emails that you need to reply to asap then set the time to autosync no more than once an hour, it will save your battery). Then go the the server section and check the box next to leave message on server after downloading to versamail. That leaves a copy on the server so you can download that copy to your laptop when you check your email there.
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    WOW! You made it pretty clear. Thanks for the info. I'm going to try it out and see what happens. I'll let you know.

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