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    First of all, I just want to say this is by far the best Treo email client I've found. Since getting my Treo 600 last fall, I've been testing and evaluating every single IMAP email client available and with every one I've had major reservations why i would not want to use it. Kudos to Marc for putting together one slick app.

    Having said that, I would *love* to get my hands on a user manual/app FAQ so I would know exactly what every little setting does and what to do with it. I'm currently encountering a problem where Chatter sometimes goes off-line (it show a red line through the envelope in the right-hand bottom corner) and I don't know what do other than do a soft-reset. I've turned off all my sleeper functions and tried everything to get it going but so far no luck.

    Anyone know of a detailed FAQ anywhere? If I can get around this issue and get Chatter working 24/7, I'll register this thing in a second.

    PS - I saw someone posting about getting Outlook calendar synchronized, I would love that, as well. The handspring calendar software I have is not very good, to say the least...

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    AirBu - There's a manual (pretty recent) posted at

    The envelope with line means that Chatter can't connect; it almost always will reconnect after a minute or two (it waits a while).

    Also, get v1.0.2, also at the CE site.

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    Thanks Marc,

    Got the manual. Wonderful, finally configured everything the way I want it. Have just installed the new version. Sweet!!

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