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    hello all. i am new to this forum, or at least as a member. ive been reading these forums for quite a while now. ive recently purchased a 650 (gsm?cingular).

    i havent had palm for a number of years and had a question about upgrading.

    i am anxiously awaiting tigers release for os x. i usually am the type to buy on the day of release. what i am worried about is how long it takes for palm to create a update for tiger. is it a good idea to wait a few weeks? do i even need to worry about the palm update? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you


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    It seems that it is always a good idea to wait on an update. I usually update the day of release also, but it usually causes more problems that helps anything. I would wait and read the posts to see if anyone is having problems with the update first.
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    If you go with The MissingSync now you shouldn't have to worry about Tiger. I'm sure MarkSpace the makers of MissingSync are already testing on Tiger as a Apple developer. Missing Sync takes place of the Palm HotSync engine, plus adds many features and is updated on a regular basis. You can read more about it on the boards here, or The MissingSync
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    thanx. i forgot about third party companies. that makes a lot of sense.

    any of you running a beta of tiger. ive seen them on a few p2p sites. i ran a panther beta but it was a really early one and was too buggy for my liking. i must admit i like the final result though.

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