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    Any advantage or disadvantage of informing ATT/Cingular that I now have an unlocked 650 and give them the IMEI and ICCID number? Unlocked does give me the advantage of switching sims on the fly, but I still need to know if, by informing them of my change in devices, my media package cost would cjange? Still cannot find pros and cons of mmode, versus pda mobile internet plan versus media works. I do have ATT service and want to keep that plan until the inevitable need to be forced to change to cingular. Thanks for any replies in advance
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    don't bother. there aren't any benefits. and more thank likely, once you use the device long enough, it'll end up registering on their end anyways.
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    there is no need of informing them, i've been changing cellphones faster than buying new clothes, no problem or whatsoever till now, oh yeah, am using tmobile
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    I thought I was the fastest phone exchanger.

    I agree, don't tell Cingular or ATT that your phone is unlocked. It will not give you any incentive.
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    Thank you all..... any difference in media,mmode,etc., plan performance. Any comments?

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