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    Is there a way for the Treo 650 to use voice tags for phone dialing. I've been through all the documentation and I can't find anything that supports this. I find it really hard to believe that my two year old Nokia 6310i supports this and the Treo 650 doesn't. I also realize that Cingular would like the user to pony up 4.99/month for their voice dial service, but you would think that there would be a way to do this.

    Is there a piece of software that is commercially available that supports this?


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    Voice Dialer is what you are looking for. You can find infor here and a link to the developer's website:
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    I have tried both Voice Dialer (mentioned by moppet52) and a software from Voice Signal I think the latter is $5 more expensive.

    In my own opinion, I like the VoiceSignal product more because it is a true voice recognition program that allows you to voice dial a contact name or a phone number, all without having to pre-record voice clip for each contact.

    For example, you can dial someone in your contact list by saying one of the following:

    "Call John" If John has multiple numbers, you will be asked to select one.
    "Call John mobile" will dail John's cell phone.

    I use the following feature the most:

    "Call 1212-555-5555" to call any number not registered in my contact list.

    Like I said, the best feature of this product is the voice recognition. I didn't have to speak a name to save to a voice clip and then associate it to a particular entry in the contact database. This is a common practice in many voice-dial-enabled phones but is way too time consuming. And some phones with limited memory won't let you save more than a dozen or so voice clips...thus you can only voice dial a limited number of names in your contact.

    I haven't figured out how to use VoiceSignal with my BT headset yet. For now, I have to speak to the mic on the Treo 650. I am should it will work with a headset (wired or wireless).
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    No built-in way, but as they have said Voice Dialer from VoiceSignal is awesome! The only problem is that there is no way to do voice dialing via a bluetooth headset (with any product on the Treo). Voice Signal has said that palmOne needs to add a hook in their bluetooth implementation to allow that.
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    Can't find a place to buy Voicesignal. Their website only has PCLink available for purchase. Any idea why or where to demo this? I was looking for this type of solution (wasn't happy with having to record tags with Voice Dialer). TIA
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    Doh! Won't work with Goodlink. Very disappointing.
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    What will work with the BT250 from Jabra? It says it works with voice tags.
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    lawilson, no current headsets will support voice tags on the Treo. Some handfree kits do, if they have it built in. The Treo itself doesn't support it.

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