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    Im using a program called "Beyond Contacts" which syncs my Outlook contacts, Notes and To Do List. I dont need the Palm OS "To Do List" or "Memo Pad" because it doesnt sync with anything. Is their a way to hide these or remove them from the Palm OS? I dont want a user to enter data into these as they never sync with anything.

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    Both the ToDo List and the Memo Pad will hotsync to MS Outlook.
    ToDo List hotsyncs to MS Outlook Tasks and the Memo Pad hotsyncs to MS Outlook Notes.

    If you install Chapura's Pocket Mirror, it will install the proper conduits to hotsync DateBook (Calendar), Address Book (Contacts), Memo Pad ( Notes ), and TO DO List (Tasks).
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    They're in ROM so you're stuck with them, but the utility "Invisible" will hide them (and anything else you'd like to no longer see...). I don't remember from where it came, so just da search to find it...
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    Alternatively, if you are using a launcher like Zlauncher or LauncherX - you could create a new tab - move the applications to this tab and then hide the tab itself so that it is not easy for someone to find the applications. That is what I have done with a bunch of Apps that I don't need but can't get rid of because they are in the ROM
    Satish Joshi
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    You can get Invisible from I use it on my T600
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    I use a free utility called Obfuscate to hide the built-in apps I don't want in the launcher app list.

    (I don't use a 3rd party launcher, so it works great for me.)

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    My way of hiding apps is to put them in the "unfiled" category of the default launcher. As you tab through all the categories the unfiled does not come up. You can find them again by listing All. I'll check out Obfiscate, that sounds cool.

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    Yeah, I have tried many, many launchers, and they are always lacking, or cost more than they are worth, or are incompatible with something. I have settled to using the Treo 600 phone app the way it is and the app launcher the way it is. I tried to categorize things, but that was a bit of a pain, so now I just use "All" and Obfuscate gets rid of some that I never want to see. I type the first letters of the app to move to it.

    One annoying thing is that almost every app launcher has "skins". I don't want all sorts of crazy graphics or things, I just want to be able to run the program, call the person, or go to the website that I want quickly and easily. Nothing out there achieves that without all sorts of configuration and setup.

    Initiate seems like the right direction. Well, even the phone app (bookmarks is it?) on the Treo is a little bit in the right direction, but it isn't really very flexible and quick.

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    well, "invisible" works to hide any app on my 600 and 650 and is reasonably priced. I recently purchased the latest version (1.4) from palmgear and it is completely seamless. I hide my choice of rom or 3rd party apps including invisible itself. I have it assigned to a hotkey in case I need to bring up invisible or any other app which is rare, but the newer version has an option to automatically hide apps after a soft-reset. it's a great little utility since I too like the "basic" look and feel of the default launcher. also takes up very little space compared to installing a full-blown 3rd party launcher.

    it's great not only for hiding irritating apps such as the "welcome" app and such, but I also use it to hide those "set it and forget it" type apps such as treohelper / mergic vpn, etc.
    -- berto

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