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    I just got my Visor, and am wondering if anyone has advise on which platform is better to use for my desktop interface: Outlook or the Palm Desktop. I have been using Netscape Communicator for email, addresses, and browsing for a couple of years and know that you can sync w/ Communicator via the Palm Desktop, but I'm wondering if I should switch to Outlook to make the synching easier.

    Also, Outlook seems to have more functions (like automatic calendar reminders) and easier compatibility w/ other Office programs that would be nice. But do those benefits outweigh having to learn a new email/address system, as well as the increased hazards from all the Outlook viri out there. Any opinions???
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    Not to give Microsoft too much credit but I'm a pretty big fan of Outlook 2000. They made a heap of improvements.

    The program isn't that difficult to pick up and it has a routine that will import contacts and calenders from other PIMs. The synching is terrific. Whether I make changes to my Visor or to Outlook, the update is seamless at both ends when I synch.

    The only downside I've found is the Visor won't synch with sub folders below the contacts or inbox. I often catagorize people an put them into subfolders for easy finding. But that's my only complaint.

    Hope that helped.

    Michael Bailey
    Enjoy yourself, or someone else if they'll let you.
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    thanks for the info. Have you tried the Palm desktop (or any other email/organizer platform)? I'll probably go w/ Outlook, but still curious about the relative capabilities. Outlook seems to have the most complete addressing capabilities of any of the programs I've looked at so far.

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