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    Just a quick question. Does anyone know if the is a channel listing of the Sirius Radio Channels made for the Palm. I have a Sirius but can never remember all the different channels and will it would be much easier to have them on my Treo than to carry around a paper with the listings. I know I could just make a list in the Memo Pad but I would like to have the icons which would make it easier to spot.
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    I downloaded the pdf from and can view it on the included pdf reader. Not elegant, but viewable...
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    My homemade solution (XM channel list): I created a Power Point presentation with logos captured alongside channel names and numbers. I then moved it onto the Treo with Docs to Go. Works perfectly. Each slide of the PPT has a different catagory of channel (music, news, etc.), with page 1 being favorites. I tried to do it in Word first but DataViz would not import the logos in Docs to Go. One other bit of advice - create the list first, then add the logos since they are free floating and you'll want to align them all as the last step.
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    If you have MobileDB from Handmark, there is a Sirius channel listing at There is also an XM listing available.
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    i didn't realize you could get satelite radio for the treo. Can you tell me what i need to do to get it and how to use it?
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    There is a thread or two talking about how to get Sirius or XM on a Treo, but I don't think it is really possible. Do a search on XM.

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