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    After a looping crash caused by AOL IM 1.2 and a failed
    soft reset and a failed hard reset, I had to do a system

    I hotsynced thereafter at home on an old Sony PC that used
    to have a Clie but which I had been syncing with in the past
    though it fails to hotsync the Contacts database due to
    an incompatibility. But it leaves the state of the Contacts
    database okay on the Treo. So I figured I'd hotsync the rest
    of the data (Contacts) at the office where I have Microsoft Outlook
    which does synchronize the Contacts database where I sync up daily.

    When I hotsynced there, it failed to restore any contacts (!)
    thinking I had erased them on purpose on the Treo. That
    then blew away the contacts in the Microsoft Outlook Contacts
    list so now it is nowhere. Not on the PC at work nor the PC at
    home nor the Treo, unless there is a backup kept on any of
    them by the Treo Hotsync software.

    Is the prior hotsync on the Treo saved on it or its PC
    so that I can restore what it was before the last hotsync and

    If so, where is the backup and where can I copy it so
    that the next hotsync resynchronizes the contacts?
    I poked around in Backup and Archive directories that
    the Treo maintains and saw only a 1k DateBk3HDB written
    at the time of the hotsync. I searched for DateBk*.* on
    the entire disk.

    I have a bad feeling about this. If they don't have a backup
    prior to the last hotsync, why don't they?


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    I have the same question, but for a different reason...

    My boyfriend and I both have 600s from Verizon. We have both synced on the home computer before, so there are profiles for both of us in HotSync. He mainly syncs at the office, though.

    I performed a firmware upgrade. Everything went fine. Then he did it. Now he has no contacts. We then realized that only I had a profile in Outlook set up on the home computer, and that is why it didn't save his contact list. But he then synced at work, and just like the post previous post, the computer overwrote the contacts at work with the blank database on the phone, thinking that is what he wanted.

    So, yup, anyone got any ideas?

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