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    Does anyone have an opinion on what is the best software to download for voice control with the Treo 650 (I am on the Sprint network). I mainly want this for voice dialing using the phone but it would be nice to have voice control to open applications or navigate as well. I have heard a lot of good comments about the software from Voice Signal and in particular I like hearing that it is easy to set-up and use.
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    I believe your only choice for both Voice Dialing and Launching would be VoiceLauncher from treoware.
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    From reading these forums and personal use, the best voice dialing app for the T650 is called Voice Dialing by VoiceSignal. It comes as a trial on the CD that came with the Treo 650 or you can download it from the P1 website. You can prompt it to call names out of your contacts list or call individual numbers. After 14 days, it will only do numbers and you have to register for $20 for the name function to return. Well worth $20 in my opinion. The only glitch it that you have to speak into the T650's microphone as Bluetooth 1.1 (which the T650 has) doesn't support Bluetooth activation. Only Bt 1.2 does this as well as streaming of mp3 music to Bt headsets. Check out this article about the other voice dialing options.
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