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    I have a Treo 650, with T-mobile.
    previously I have had issues with email on a treo 600. I have configured Setting as pop through the t-mobile website and it still doesn't work.

    My question is, when mail is sent and recieved (for the first time), it is indexed by the treo and then the mail that is indicated as needing to be downloaded is downloaded? Ok so I have an inbox of 15,000 items believe it or not. **** What is the index limit on the number of messages you can have in the inbox without having the system crash on you? ****

    I have set my timeout to 9999 seconds, configured it to download only the unread messages from the past 24 hours, still doesn't work. I have been to the 3rd level tech support with T-mobile and I myself am a Systems Engineer so I know it is the mailbox itself and the size limitation, but I just need to know the cap on the inbox. Thanks in advance
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    why don't you try setting the mail app to download only email messages from the last 7 days?
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    Well that would be fine except it indexes the entire mailbox before it searches to recognize the new messages. You know if you were going to search a database you would need to organize it first. I am not having a problem with it, I moved her mail to a subfolder of her inbox on outlook so that it would not index the 14000 messages however it would be good to know what the index limit actually is. Just for its informational value.

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