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    Are the screen protectors from Palmone ok?
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    Personally I think they are excellent. Of course when you first place them in there will be tiny bubbles, but if you let them settle for a day they will cling flush to the screen. Once they have settled they look amazing, they really enhance the look of your screen.

    There is one major drawback however, the palmOne screen protectors come in a large template shape that you must cut to the size of your screen. Some may say this attribute in itself is a major turn-off but personally I think they do such an excellent job that its not really an issue for me.
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    Works great for me, and it's free!!!
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    they are cheap, look bad, and protect poorly.

    but it that works for ya, go for it.

    Martin Fields are the best if you take it seriously.
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    martin fields are great...but they show smudges and crud like that like crazy...boxwave cleartouch is the schiznit
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    Are the screen protectors really necessary?
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    ^yup...ididint think so...but when you have to use the screen alot...using your finger and another device other than the stylus can make it look yucky...most of the time i use my pencil and well any lead marks rubs right off

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