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    I have a Treo 650 and a Dell Inspiring 8600 laptop with integrated Bluetooth. I am running windows XP pro SP2.
    I have gotten the virtual serial port setup and syncing properly, BUT, I have to keep the folder "My Bluetooth Places" open to be able to hot sync. If I try it with the folder closed I get the message "Unable to initiate HotSync operation because the port is in use by another application" on my treo. If I close the folder during a hot sync it looses the connection. Obviously this seems like a Dell issue, and they have had me upgrade my computers bios and upgrade to the latest Intel wireless drivers, and offered to replace the motherboard since that didn't fix it, but this seems like a software issue. Anyone else run into this? Hoping to find out before I send my laptop in to dell to be replaced.

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    In case anyone else runs into this. You have to have the bttray.exe running from the dell software directory for BT to be active all the time. (it's a tray ap that I had removed.)

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